Fibocom Launched the MA510-GL (NTN) Module with Satellite Communication Capabilities

During MWCS 2023, Fibocom launched the MA510-GL (NTN) module with satellite communication capabilities, and together with Qualcomm, conducted a live demonstration of NB-IoT integration with NTN at the exhibition. The MA510-GL (NTN) is aimed at the global market and supports NB-IoT, Cat.M, and bi-directional satellite links, enhancing global communication capabilities. To address network coverage challenges in oceans, skies, deserts, forests, and rugged mountainous areas, NTN combines reliable satellite communication technology with cellular communication, utilizing a high-orbit satellite network that covers every corner of the Earth for real-time communication. Driven by market demand from enterprises, airlines, and telecommunications service providers, the fusion of satellite communication and cellular communication has generated a wider variety of high-value satellite IoT applications.


Fibocom MA510-GL (NTN) complies with the 3GPP Release 17 evolution standard and utilizes high-orbit GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit) satellite communication and global LTE Cat.M/NB1/NB2 cellular network connectivity. It features low power consumption, small form factor, and high reliability, providing rich application services for global IoT scenarios such as maritime transportation, emergency communication, and scientific research in rural areas.


The high-performance MA510-GL (NTN) is developed based on the Qualcomm MDM9205S platform, using LCC+LGA packaging. It integrates various network protocols including MQTT, CoAP, and LWM2M, and supports multiple standard industrial interfaces such as UART, USB, I2C, and I2S, enabling easy expansion to a wide range of IoT terminals. The Fibocom MA510-GL (NTN) also supports eDRX and PSM low power modes, with PSM reaching as low as 3.2uA, ensuring extended battery life. It is particularly suitable for IoT applications with core requirements of extensive coverage, low power consumption, and small size, such as maritime transportation, emergency communication, and scientific research in remote areas.




NTN possesses the inherent advantage of wide coverage and serves as an essential complement to 5G terrestrial networks. The fusion of satellite and ground networks provides customers with a more reliable integrated airborne, terrestrial, and ubiquitous network. Fibocom stays committed to keeping up with the latest 5G technologies, offering more valuable innovative solutions to a broader range of customers. Engineering samples of MA510-GL (NTN) will be launched in the third quarter of 2023.


Fibocom Launches New Generation 5G FWA Solutions

To meet the growing demand for 5G broadband connections and enhance the economic benefits and technical feasibility of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) deployment, Fibocom announced the 5G FWA comprehensive solution based on the new generation 5G modules FG190 and FG180 during MWCS 2023. This solution provides a flexible, convenient, efficient, and reliable connectivity solution for FWA and other mobile terminals, promoting rapid innovation in FWA.


The released 5G FWA solution includes both CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) and MiFi forms, offering FWA customers enhanced terminal competitiveness through their flexibility and Wi-Fi performance advantages. The wireless solution fully supports advanced features of Wi-Fi 7, including extended 6GHz spectrum performance, Multi-Link Operation (MLO), support for 160MHz/320MHz bandwidth, and 4K QAM modulation technology.



Fibocom FG190 and FG180 feature three PCIe interfaces and can accommodate 1 to 3 Wi-Fi chips, with the flexibility to choose between QFW7114 and QFW7124, extending the Wi-Fi capabilities from BE21000 to BE5000, supporting tri-band or dual-band Wi-Fi 7 CPE solutions. The CPE solution with a Wi-Fi capability of up to BE21000 can meet the rate requirements of most 5G mobile terminals worldwide. The CPE’s wired Ethernet port configuration is flexible, offering options like “10GbE+2.5GbE” and “2.5GbE+2.5GbE,” providing abundant AVL resources and meeting the rate requirements of customer wired access with the support of native hardware acceleration capabilities.

Based on FG190, there is a tri-band Wi-Fi 7 CPE solution available.



The MiFi solution for Wi-Fi 7 combines with the Wi-Fi chip WCN7851, supporting simultaneous dual-band (2.4GHz/5GHz/6GHz) operation with a Wi-Fi capability of up to BE5800. In terms of power consumption, the MiFi solution optimizes power-saving modes in the 3GPP standard and integrates Fibocom’s self-developed energy-saving solution, resulting in a 20% improvement in battery life under equivalent conditions.

Based on FG190, there is a dual-band Wi-Fi 7 MiFi solution available.



This range of FWA solutions is based on the latest generation 5G modules FG190/FG180. These modules are developed based on the Snapdragon X75 and X72 5G modems and RF systems, supporting R17-related features. They have strong cellular capabilities, support multi-carrier aggregation, and deliver excellent peak performance in both uplink and downlink. FG190 supports up to 1000MHz bandwidth in the millimeter-wave frequency band and NR 10CA in downlink; in addition, it supports up to 300MHz bandwidth in NR Sub-6GHz and NR 5CA in downlink, with a maximum downlink peak of 10Gbps. FG180 supports up to 400MHz bandwidth in the millimeter-wave frequency band and NR 4CA in downlink, as well as up to 200MHz bandwidth in NR Sub-6GHz and NR 3CA in downlink. Moreover, with the rich peripheral interface capabilities of FG190/FG180 (including three PCIe, two USXGMII, UART, I2S, USB 3.1, UIM, etc.), they have strong external connectivity capabilities and can flexibly support multiple FWA solutions mentioned above.


The LGA package used in FG190/FG180 is more suitable for FWA terminals and supports Open CPU, significantly simplifying the FWA development process, increasing terminal integration, and reducing development costs. In terms of software, FG190/FG180 is flexible and supports various global operating systems, including OpenWRT and RDK-B, further meeting the development requirements of FWA solutions.



The commercial viability of FWA is rapidly increasing, and Fibocom has already launched FWA solutions based on different 5G modules to address the deployment characteristics of FWA. In the future, Fibocom will continue to collaborate with industry partners to provide convenient and reliable 5G innovation solutions for various industries, accelerating the commercialization of 5G Internet of Things.


Fibocom Launches 5G RedCap Series Modules

During MWCS 2023, Fibocom unveiled the FG131 & FG132 series of 5G RedCap modules, featuring a more compact size, comprehensive regional versions, and packaging options. With this release, Fibocom’s RedCap modules now cover a full range of products with different packaging options such as LGA, M.2, and Mini PCIe, and are compatible with Fibocom’s Cat.6 and Cat.4 modules, accelerating the commercialization of 5G IoT in various fields across China, North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and other regions.

The Fibocom FG131&FG132 series includes regional versions like FG131/FG132-NA, FG131/FG132-EAU, FG131/FG132-CN, which ensure stable operation under 5G networks in different regions, including China, North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. In 5G SA networks, the FG131 & FG132 series can achieve a maximum peak downlink speed of 226Mbps and a maximum peak uplink speed of 120Mbps, meeting the speed requirements of most terminals. In 4G network environments, the FG131&FG132 series can still achieve a maximum peak downlink speed of 200Mbps and a maximum peak uplink speed of 66.6666Mbps, providing a speed experience superior to traditional LTE Cat.4.


The Fibocom FG131 series is packaged in an LGA form factor with dimensions of 37mm*39.5mm. It is compatible with Fibocom’s Cat.6 modules FG101 and FG621, enabling customers to quickly upgrade from Cat.6 to 5G. With support for Open CPU, OpenWRT operating system, and rich interfaces, the FG131 can be applied in various FWA terminals such as CPE, ODU, MiFi, USB dongles, etc.


On the other hand, the FG132 series is packaged in an LGA form factor with dimensions of 29mm*32mm. It is compatible with Fibocom’s Cat.4 modules NL668, L716, as well as Cat.1 modules L610 and MC116. With its streamlined RF structure, compact size, and lower power consumption, the FG132 series focuses on terminal applications such as IPC cameras, drones, and wearable XR devices. Additionally, the FG132 series can also be expanded to M.2 and Mini PCIe form factors, facilitating the rapid adoption of 5G by industrial gateways, power equipment, and other customers.


Fibocom has been actively promoting the commercialization of RedCap modules by providing a complete range of modules in terms of size, packaging options, and regional versions. They have also collaborated with industry partners to discuss and cooperate on RedCap module standards, technical specifications, and application scenarios. During MWCS 2023, China Mobile, together with Fibocom and other industry-leading companies, released the “5G RedCap Lightweight Universal Module Technical Requirements White Paper.” By extracting the industry’s common requirements for RedCap, defining unified communication capabilities, and accelerating 5G-enabled applications across various industries.



Fibocom is accelerating the deployment of RedCap products and facilitating the commercialization of RedCap end-to-end solutions. In the future, Fibocom will continue to collaborate with industry partners to drive the commercialization of 5G IoT.


Fibocom Released 5G RedCap Module FG132-NA

In May 30, Fibocom released a new 5G RedCap module FG132-NA to speedup the 5G applications for IoT(Internet of things).


Fibocom FG132-NA complies with the 3GPP Release 17 evolution standard, providing excellent 5G experience for IoT terminals, while fully optimizing product size, power consumption, and cost, promoting the large-scale commercial use of 5G in industrial gateways, IPC cameras, power equipment, wearable XR, and other terminals.


Compared to previous Fibocom 5G modules, Fibocom FG132-NA has a smaller bandwidth, with the Sub-6GHz bandwidth reduced from 100MHz to 20MHz. The antenna design is more streamlined; FG132-NA simplifies the 2T4R antenna design to 1T2R. On the premise of balancing cost and speed, FG132-NA still supports 256QAM modulation and demodulation, with a theoretical peak downlink rate of 220Mbps and uplink rate of 100Mbps. By reducing bandwidth, streamlining antennas, and supporting only 5G standalone networking (SA), FG132-NA simplifies the RF structure design and assists terminal customers in quickly switching to 5G at a lower cost. In the future, FG132-NA will develop towards half-duplex FDD (HD-FDD) to further pursue the balanced development of cost and performance.


Fibocom FG132-NA adopts the LCC+LGA and M.2 packaging methods of 29mm32mm and 30mm42mm, respectively, to meet the design requirements of different industry terminals. The LCC+LGA packaging is compatible with Fibocom Cat.4 modules NL668, L716, and Cat.1 module L610, which helps customers transition smoothly from 4G to 5G RedCap and enjoy the lightweight 5G features.


In terms of software, FG132-NA supports OpenWRT operating system, and in terms of hardware, it comes with an SGMII interface that can meet the data transmission requirements of gateway products (CPE, Mi-Fi, DTU, etc.) through the Open CPU method. The M.2 package is dedicated to adapt to industrial routers, tablets, and other terminals, meeting the customers’ “plug-and-play” device development needs.


In terms of power consumption, Fibocom FG132-NA is developed based on the 4nm process technology platform, which makes it more energy-efficient. For some types of terminals that are sensitive to power consumption, manufacturers can use FG132-NA to create next-generation 5G products.


As a lightweight 5G module, Fibocom FG132-NA supports typical 5G features such as 5G LAN and has a wealth of interface resources to meet various application needs in industries such as private 5G networks, mobile broadband, industrial interconnection, smart grids, high-definition video uploading, and connected cars, promoting the large-scale commercial use of 5G. In addition, FG132-NA supports only 5G standalone networking (SA) to ensure the continuation of 5G’s high reliability and low latency characteristics.


As a key technology driving the large-scale application of 5G IoT, RedCap will support more 5G industry development in the future, installing a “digital engine” for the upgrading of traditional industries. Fibocom will explore RedCap’s potential through module products, eco-cooperation, and technical development to provide digital upgrade services for more IoT industries.




Fibocom FG360-JP Gets Certification from NTT DOCOMO in Japan

Recently, Fibocom 5G module FG360-JP has taken the lead in obtaining the certification of NTT DOCOMO, an important telecom operator in Japan, and has passed the mandatory certification of JATE and TELEC. This marks that the Fibocom FG360-JP can provide customers with wireless connection services under the Japanese mobile network, and it is an important milestone for the Fibocom 5G products to enter the mainstream market in Japan.

In recent years, the Japanese IoT market has grown rapidly and has gradually become one of the most important IoT markets in the world. In order to fully expand the new IoT application market, Fibocom continuously taps the IoT connection needs of the Japanese market, and provides 5G experience with high bandwidth, low latency and wide connection for more IoT terminals. Japan’s NTT DOCOMO certification is a strict IoT communication certification. Fibocom FG360-JP quickly passed this certification with excellent product performance.



The Fibocom 5G module FG360-JP is equipped with T750 chip platform of MediaTek’s 7nm process technology, supporting independent networking (SA)/non-standalone (NSA) two network architectures; supports 5G NR Sub-6GHz dual carrier aggregation (2CC CA) 200MHz frequency to ensure wider 5G signal coverage; compatible with both LTE and WCDMA standards, reducing the cost of 5G IoT terminals in the initial 5G construction, and accelerating the implementation of IoT applications. FG360-JP also brings users the ultimate 5G broadband experience, with a maximum downlink peak rate of 4.67Gbps and an uplink rate of 1.25Gbps.



Fibocom FG360-JP adopts 41 x 44 x 2.75mm LGA package, high integration enables users to design products with excellent performance and lower cost; at the same time, FG360-JP supports DFOTA/VoLTE/Audio/eSIM multiple functions, and Compatible with mainstream operating systems such as Linux/Android/Windows; supports rich interface access, such as UART/USB3.0/GPIO/I2S/SPI/I2C/PCIe3.0/SIM, etc.; has GNSS positioning functions, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo , QZSS and Beidou satellite navigation system. The high-speed, highly-integrated 5G module FG360-JP can bring 5G wireless experience to home, enterprise and mobile users, and can seamlessly access FWA (CPE, ODU, gateway, router) industrial monitoring terminals, telemedicine terminals and other intelligent terminal.


The FG360 series has obtained the certifications of important North American operators and GCF/FCC/PTCRB/CE in addition to the Japanese operator NTT DOCOMO certification, JATE and TELEC certification. At present, the FG360 has entered a state of mass shipment, and has been introduced into products in multiple industry terminals for rapid large-scale commercial use.


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