Fibocom Launches 5G RedCap Series Modules

During MWCS 2023, Fibocom unveiled the FG131 & FG132 series of 5G RedCap modules, featuring a more compact size, comprehensive regional versions, and packaging options. With this release, Fibocom’s RedCap modules now cover a full range of products with different packaging options such as LGA, M.2, and Mini PCIe, and are compatible with Fibocom’s Cat.6 and Cat.4 modules, accelerating the commercialization of 5G IoT in various fields across China, North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and other regions.

The Fibocom FG131&FG132 series includes regional versions like FG131/FG132-NA, FG131/FG132-EAU, FG131/FG132-CN, which ensure stable operation under 5G networks in different regions, including China, North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. In 5G SA networks, the FG131 & FG132 series can achieve a maximum peak downlink speed of 226Mbps and a maximum peak uplink speed of 120Mbps, meeting the speed requirements of most terminals. In 4G network environments, the FG131&FG132 series can still achieve a maximum peak downlink speed of 200Mbps and a maximum peak uplink speed of 66.6666Mbps, providing a speed experience superior to traditional LTE Cat.4.


The Fibocom FG131 series is packaged in an LGA form factor with dimensions of 37mm*39.5mm. It is compatible with Fibocom’s Cat.6 modules FG101 and FG621, enabling customers to quickly upgrade from Cat.6 to 5G. With support for Open CPU, OpenWRT operating system, and rich interfaces, the FG131 can be applied in various FWA terminals such as CPE, ODU, MiFi, USB dongles, etc.


On the other hand, the FG132 series is packaged in an LGA form factor with dimensions of 29mm*32mm. It is compatible with Fibocom’s Cat.4 modules NL668, L716, as well as Cat.1 modules L610 and MC116. With its streamlined RF structure, compact size, and lower power consumption, the FG132 series focuses on terminal applications such as IPC cameras, drones, and wearable XR devices. Additionally, the FG132 series can also be expanded to M.2 and Mini PCIe form factors, facilitating the rapid adoption of 5G by industrial gateways, power equipment, and other customers.


Fibocom has been actively promoting the commercialization of RedCap modules by providing a complete range of modules in terms of size, packaging options, and regional versions. They have also collaborated with industry partners to discuss and cooperate on RedCap module standards, technical specifications, and application scenarios. During MWCS 2023, China Mobile, together with Fibocom and other industry-leading companies, released the “5G RedCap Lightweight Universal Module Technical Requirements White Paper.” By extracting the industry’s common requirements for RedCap, defining unified communication capabilities, and accelerating 5G-enabled applications across various industries.



Fibocom is accelerating the deployment of RedCap products and facilitating the commercialization of RedCap end-to-end solutions. In the future, Fibocom will continue to collaborate with industry partners to drive the commercialization of 5G IoT.