Fibocom Released New 5G RedCap Module FM330 at MWC 2024

During the Mobile World Congress MWC 2024, Fibocom released the RedCap module FM330 series based on the MediaTek T300 platform, accelerating the prosperity of 5G-A. The Fibocom FM330 series and its solutions adopt the globally advanced RedCap scheme to meet the high-energy efficiency requirements of mobile broadband and industrial interconnection.


The Fibocom FM330 series adopts the world’s first 6nm process and integrated RF single-chip RedCap solution (RFSOC) MediaTek T300 development, and simultaneously launches multi-scenario solutions. The MediaTek T300 integrates a single-core Arm Cortex-A35 CPU in a compact area, further reducing power consumption and streamlining size.



The new Fibocom 5G module complies with the 3GPP R17 evolution standard and has excellent energy efficiency, enhanced network coverage, and low latency characteristics. In the Sub-6GHz frequency band, the maximum transmission bandwidth of the FM330 series module is reduced to 20MHz, and the transmit and receive antennas are trimmed to 1T2R, supporting more global 5G mid-low frequency bands including n79. Thanks to the maximum modulation capability of uplink and downlink 256QAM, the downlink throughput of the FM330 series reaches up to 227Mbps, and the uplink throughput reaches 122Mbps. The FM330 series adopts the M.2 packaging method of 30mm*42mm, compatible with the Fibocom LTE Cat.6 module FM101 series, facilitating the smooth iteration of existing 4G terminals to 5G.



During the conference, Fibocom demonstrated the RedCap Dongle solution based on the FM330 series, flexibly meeting the mobile broadband application needs of global customers. The plug-and-play FM330 series RedCap Dongle solution is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Android, etc., enabling users to enjoy 5G networks anytime, anywhere. The FM330 series RedCap Dongle solution is connected to the host computer through a standard USB interface, suitable for industrial equipment such as desktops, laptops, tablets, fixed-mobile convergence terminals, drones, industrial control computers, etc., with networking needs.



The 5G RedCap module FM330 series and solutions will further accelerate the evolution of terminals such as Dongle, CPE, PC, and IPC to 5G-A, promote 5G achieving ten-gigabit downstream, gigabit upstream, intrinsic intelligence, and advance the integration innovation of 5G with perception, AI, computing power, and new generation information technology.




Tao Xi, Vice President of Fibocom MBB Business Unit, said: RedCap is a key technology driving the commercialization of 5G, helping FWA applications extend to FWA-Lite entry-level, accelerating the deep penetration of 5G into households, enterprises, and outdoor third spaces. Fibocom, in collaboration with MediaTek, globally launched the module FM330 series and solutions based on the T300 platform, helping operators enter the new era of 5G-A, and providing the market with one-stop, diversified, and high-performance RedCap Dongle, Hybrid CPE, and other solutions. In the future, Fibocom will continue to maintain close cooperation with MediaTek, break through the boundaries of 5G smart interconnection applications, and achieve long-term win-win cooperation between the two parties.


Fibocom Released 5G RedCap Module FG132-NA

In May 30, Fibocom released a new 5G RedCap module FG132-NA to speedup the 5G applications for IoT(Internet of things).


Fibocom FG132-NA complies with the 3GPP Release 17 evolution standard, providing excellent 5G experience for IoT terminals, while fully optimizing product size, power consumption, and cost, promoting the large-scale commercial use of 5G in industrial gateways, IPC cameras, power equipment, wearable XR, and other terminals.


Compared to previous Fibocom 5G modules, Fibocom FG132-NA has a smaller bandwidth, with the Sub-6GHz bandwidth reduced from 100MHz to 20MHz. The antenna design is more streamlined; FG132-NA simplifies the 2T4R antenna design to 1T2R. On the premise of balancing cost and speed, FG132-NA still supports 256QAM modulation and demodulation, with a theoretical peak downlink rate of 220Mbps and uplink rate of 100Mbps. By reducing bandwidth, streamlining antennas, and supporting only 5G standalone networking (SA), FG132-NA simplifies the RF structure design and assists terminal customers in quickly switching to 5G at a lower cost. In the future, FG132-NA will develop towards half-duplex FDD (HD-FDD) to further pursue the balanced development of cost and performance.


Fibocom FG132-NA adopts the LCC+LGA and M.2 packaging methods of 29mm32mm and 30mm42mm, respectively, to meet the design requirements of different industry terminals. The LCC+LGA packaging is compatible with Fibocom Cat.4 modules NL668, L716, and Cat.1 module L610, which helps customers transition smoothly from 4G to 5G RedCap and enjoy the lightweight 5G features.


In terms of software, FG132-NA supports OpenWRT operating system, and in terms of hardware, it comes with an SGMII interface that can meet the data transmission requirements of gateway products (CPE, Mi-Fi, DTU, etc.) through the Open CPU method. The M.2 package is dedicated to adapt to industrial routers, tablets, and other terminals, meeting the customers’ “plug-and-play” device development needs.


In terms of power consumption, Fibocom FG132-NA is developed based on the 4nm process technology platform, which makes it more energy-efficient. For some types of terminals that are sensitive to power consumption, manufacturers can use FG132-NA to create next-generation 5G products.


As a lightweight 5G module, Fibocom FG132-NA supports typical 5G features such as 5G LAN and has a wealth of interface resources to meet various application needs in industries such as private 5G networks, mobile broadband, industrial interconnection, smart grids, high-definition video uploading, and connected cars, promoting the large-scale commercial use of 5G. In addition, FG132-NA supports only 5G standalone networking (SA) to ensure the continuation of 5G’s high reliability and low latency characteristics.


As a key technology driving the large-scale application of 5G IoT, RedCap will support more 5G industry development in the future, installing a “digital engine” for the upgrading of traditional industries. Fibocom will explore RedCap’s potential through module products, eco-cooperation, and technical development to provide digital upgrade services for more IoT industries.