Fibocom Launches New Generation 5G FWA Solutions

To meet the growing demand for 5G broadband connections and enhance the economic benefits and technical feasibility of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) deployment, Fibocom announced the 5G FWA comprehensive solution based on the new generation 5G modules FG190 and FG180 during MWCS 2023. This solution provides a flexible, convenient, efficient, and reliable connectivity solution for FWA and other mobile terminals, promoting rapid innovation in FWA.


The released 5G FWA solution includes both CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) and MiFi forms, offering FWA customers enhanced terminal competitiveness through their flexibility and Wi-Fi performance advantages. The wireless solution fully supports advanced features of Wi-Fi 7, including extended 6GHz spectrum performance, Multi-Link Operation (MLO), support for 160MHz/320MHz bandwidth, and 4K QAM modulation technology.



Fibocom FG190 and FG180 feature three PCIe interfaces and can accommodate 1 to 3 Wi-Fi chips, with the flexibility to choose between QFW7114 and QFW7124, extending the Wi-Fi capabilities from BE21000 to BE5000, supporting tri-band or dual-band Wi-Fi 7 CPE solutions. The CPE solution with a Wi-Fi capability of up to BE21000 can meet the rate requirements of most 5G mobile terminals worldwide. The CPE’s wired Ethernet port configuration is flexible, offering options like “10GbE+2.5GbE” and “2.5GbE+2.5GbE,” providing abundant AVL resources and meeting the rate requirements of customer wired access with the support of native hardware acceleration capabilities.

Based on FG190, there is a tri-band Wi-Fi 7 CPE solution available.



The MiFi solution for Wi-Fi 7 combines with the Wi-Fi chip WCN7851, supporting simultaneous dual-band (2.4GHz/5GHz/6GHz) operation with a Wi-Fi capability of up to BE5800. In terms of power consumption, the MiFi solution optimizes power-saving modes in the 3GPP standard and integrates Fibocom’s self-developed energy-saving solution, resulting in a 20% improvement in battery life under equivalent conditions.

Based on FG190, there is a dual-band Wi-Fi 7 MiFi solution available.



This range of FWA solutions is based on the latest generation 5G modules FG190/FG180. These modules are developed based on the Snapdragon X75 and X72 5G modems and RF systems, supporting R17-related features. They have strong cellular capabilities, support multi-carrier aggregation, and deliver excellent peak performance in both uplink and downlink. FG190 supports up to 1000MHz bandwidth in the millimeter-wave frequency band and NR 10CA in downlink; in addition, it supports up to 300MHz bandwidth in NR Sub-6GHz and NR 5CA in downlink, with a maximum downlink peak of 10Gbps. FG180 supports up to 400MHz bandwidth in the millimeter-wave frequency band and NR 4CA in downlink, as well as up to 200MHz bandwidth in NR Sub-6GHz and NR 3CA in downlink. Moreover, with the rich peripheral interface capabilities of FG190/FG180 (including three PCIe, two USXGMII, UART, I2S, USB 3.1, UIM, etc.), they have strong external connectivity capabilities and can flexibly support multiple FWA solutions mentioned above.


The LGA package used in FG190/FG180 is more suitable for FWA terminals and supports Open CPU, significantly simplifying the FWA development process, increasing terminal integration, and reducing development costs. In terms of software, FG190/FG180 is flexible and supports various global operating systems, including OpenWRT and RDK-B, further meeting the development requirements of FWA solutions.



The commercial viability of FWA is rapidly increasing, and Fibocom has already launched FWA solutions based on different 5G modules to address the deployment characteristics of FWA. In the future, Fibocom will continue to collaborate with industry partners to provide convenient and reliable 5G innovation solutions for various industries, accelerating the commercialization of 5G Internet of Things.