Huawei EG860 4G TD-LTE Outdoor CPE

* Three variant models: EG860-C51, EG860-D61, EG860-C71

* LTE Cat.4 Outdoor CPE

* LAN port/SIM card slot/antenna port

* Dust and water proof: IP65

* Support TD-LTE frequency bands (400M/800M/1.4G/1.8G/2.3 GHz)

* Embedded DHCP Server, DNS Client and NAT functions

* Installation Method: Gin pole/wall mounted

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Huawei EG860 is an industrial grade outdoor CPE for broadband access to eLTE network, transmits various data acquired from sensors and video to eLTE broadband trunking network by Ethernet port and WIFI access. This compact unit features centralized fault detection and recovery along with remote management for easy deployment of current and future broadband resources. Serving as a wireless gateway for high-speed data services, Huawei EG860 complies with LTE 3GPP standards. The unit incorporates a built-in antenna in an anti-lightning, shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof enclosure for withstanding harsh environments.

Huawei EG860 supports a web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) for remote management and maintenance, while LED indicators enable on-site status checks. The remote management features simplify deployment of current and future broadband resources as well as centralized fault detection and recovery. Huawei EG860 has a built-in DHCP server and provides DNS client and Network Address Translation (NAT) services for flexible networking options. The EG860 offers a wide range of licensed and unlicensed mobile access frequencies (400M/800M/1.4G/1.8G/2.3 GHz) to accommodate existing broadband resources.

Huawei EG860 Highlight Features:

* TD-LTE network adoption: frequency ranges of 1447~1467MHz, 1785~1805MHz, 800MHz, 400MHz;

* High-speed data service support: maximum data transmission rate of 100Mbit/s in downlink, 50Mbit/s in uplink;

* Industrialized design: Compact, super slim, and specialized design;

* Receive Diversity and Load Balance: maximize the coverage capability and network resource efficiency;

* Embedded DHCP Server, DNS Client and NAT functions: enable high speed routing;

* A range of Security Encryption: instantly prevent from potential risk and illegal access;

* Easy maintenance: web based user-friendly interface for operation and maintenance; User-friendly LED design, facilitating device status observation.

* Enhanced internal antenna: guarantee the performance and well-appearance, with possibility for external antenna extension;

* Personalised LED indication: easy for status check;

* Dust and water proof: IP65.

Huawei EG860 CPE Technical Specifications:

* Frequency bands:

- Huawei EG860-C51: LTE-TDD (1.4 G:1447~1467MHz, 1.8 G:1785~1805MHz)

- Huawei EG860-C71: LTE-TDD (1.4 G:1447~1467MHz, 1.8 G:1785~1805MHz) & LTE-FDD (800 M:Uplink 832-862MHz, Downlink 791-821MHz)

- Huawei EG860-D61: LTE-TDD (400M: 380~470MHz)

* External Interface
- One Ethernet interface (RJ45)
- Two external antenna interfaces(N)
- One SIM card slot

* WLAN Operating Band: 2.401 GHz to 2.483 GHz

* UE Capability Level: Category 4

* Power Consumption: <= 30W

* Power supply: PoE, 24V DC

* Dimensions (H x W x D): 240 mm x 200 mm x 60 mm

* Weight: 2,000g

* Protection Level: IP-65

* Operating Temperature: -40°C to 60°C

Huawei EG860 Software Specification:

* Gateway
- Router:IPv4, Static Routing, Routing Forwarding
- Dynamic NAT switch
- DHCP Server
- DHCP Relay
* Data: LTE TDD:DL 100Mbit/s UL 50Mbit/s

- 802.11b/g/n
- WiFi Certification:WPS,WPA,WPA2,WMM
- Configurable WiFi power

* Firewall
- Enhanced Firewall:
- SPI filtering
- MAC filtering
- IP address filtering
- URL filtering
- Service accessibility control
- Advanced security rules

* O&M
- Local Maintenance
- Remote Maintenance
- Online Status Management
- Performance Analysis
- Fault Management
- Configuration Management
- Software Upgrade
- Log Management

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