LTE Category 18

LTE Category 18 is compliant with 3GPP Release 13.

Downlink physical layer parameter values for LTE Cat.18:

* Maximum number of DL-SCH transport block bits received within a TTI: 1174752 - 1206016

* Maximum number of bits of a DL-SCH transport block received within a TTI:

- 75376 (2 layers, 64QAM)
- 100752 (2 layers, 256QAM)
- 149776 (4 layers, 64QAM)
- 201936 (4 layers, 256QAM)
- 299856 (8 layers, 64QAM)
- 391656 (8 layers, 256QAM)

* Total number of soft channel bits: 14616576

* Maximum number of supported layers for spatial multiplexing in DL: 2 or 4 or 8

* Support for 256QAM in DL: Optional

* Maximum download data rate up to 1174 - 1206 Mbit/s

Uplink physical layer parameter values for LTE Cat.18:

* Maximum number of UL-SCH transport block bits transmitted within a TTI: 211056

* Maximum number of bits of a UL-SCH transport block transmitted within a TTI: 105528

* Support for 64QAM in UL: Yes

* Support for 256QAM in UL: Yes

* Maximum upload data rate up to 211Mbit/s


DL-SCH = Downlink shared channel
UL-SCH = Uplink shared channel
TTI = Transmission Time Interval
* In carrier aggregation operation, the DL-SCH processing capability can be shared by the UE with that of MCH received from a serving cell. If the total eNB scheduling for DL-SCH and an MCH in one serving cell at a given TTI is larger than the defined processing capability, the prioritization between DL-SCH and MCH is left up to UE implementation.

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