4G Wireless Router is a kind of router with 4G network module for 4G network. After SIM card plug in, it could be the access point for multiple WiFi enabled devices, such as PC, laptop, tablets, smartphones etc...In this case, it's also called 4G WiFi Router. And 4G Router could also has ethernet ports for lan, usually there are 4 LAN ports, sometimes, there may be 2 ports. The most important is that it must have two external antenna port to support MIMO transmission. For the router without any lan ports, we call them 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot, 4G LTE MiFi or 4G Mobile WiFi. Some people call them portable 4G router and they can support at least 5 users to access internet with peak speed up to 100Mbps. 4GLTEmall.com offers all kinds of 4G Router per customers' preference and their network status. They are all unlocked to make the 4G Routers could roam in different LTE networks. Choose the right 3G 4G Router for you now!