LTE Category 6

LTE Cat.6 - LTE Advanced with up to 300 Mbps

LTE Cat.6 allows transfer rates of up to 300 Mbps in the download and up to 50 Mbps in the upload. The mobile standard is the first category of LTE Advanced. Technically, LTE Cat-6 realizes its high 4G speed via MIMO (Multiple Input - Multiple Output) and Carrier Aggregation (2 x 20 MHz). In the multi-antenna technology uses 2 x 2 antennas. A typical feature of LTE Cat-6 is above all the carrier bundling. The classic LTE uses only the multi-antenna technology MIMO, which limits the transmission rates of the current 4G networks. LTE networks with category 6 have already been launched worldwide.

LTE Advanced Cat.6

Carrier Aggregation(in short: CA) is one of the typical LTE technologies applied for LTE Category 6. Carrier aggregation plays a fundamental role in particular when the mobile device operates in a congested network and therefore the available band is shared among many devices. While in this condition, the theoretical maximum data rate is not achievable and the possibility of aggregating more channels results in a higher data rate for CA enabled devices.

How Does Carrier Aggregation Work?

With carrier aggregation, different bandwidths can be combined to provide greater throughput. With LTE Cat 6, 20 MHz of bandwidth produces a maximum speed of 150 Mb/s. Carrier aggregation allows operators to combine multiple, separate LTE carriers to achieve greater bandwidth and thereby data throughput. For example, 20 MHz of bandwidth from one LTE band can be combined with another 20 MHz from another band (Scenario 2, Interband CA) to achieve a total of 40 MHz bandwidth or a maximum data rate of 300 Mb/s. In a similar way, sections of bandwidth can also be combined within a single LTE band (Scenario 1, Intraband CA).

How Does LTE Cat.6 CA Work?

What will we benefit from LTE Cat.6?

1. Live life in the fast lane

- At twice the download speed, you will get richer content, enjoy quality gaming experience and improve your productivity.

2. Work and play at a faster speed

- At this download speed, your digital experience is enhanced. There is reduced lag in content downloading, the real-time gameplay is intensified on your mobile game apps and your overall on-the-go productivity is enhanced.

- You can stream out live HD content anywhere with any 4G+ LTE Cat 6 smartphones to share your precious moments in live action sports and concerts in real time! Work-wise, your on-the-move productivity is given a big boost. On social media, you can enhance your connectivity with anybody, anywhere in the world.

3. Get more in 1 Minute

- How you enjoy your digital lifestyle is all about how fast you can access richer content. Get more out of your digital content with the fastest 300Mbps smartphones to match the fastest network.

LTE Cat6 Physical Layer Parameter Values

LTE Category 6 is compliant with 3GPP Release 10. A UE indicating category 6 shall also indicate category 4.

Downlink physical layer parameter values for LTE Cat.6:

* Maximum number of DL-SCH transport block bits received within a TTI: 301504

* Maximum number of bits of a DL-SCH transport block received within a TTI:

- 75376 (2 layers, 64QAM)
- 149776 (4 layers, 64QAM)

* Total number of soft channel bits: 3654144

* Maximum number of supported layers for spatial multiplexing in DL: 2 or 4

* Support for 256QAM in DL: No

* Maximum download data rate speed up to 301Mbit/s

Uplink physical layer parameter values for LTE Cat.6:

* Maximum number of UL-SCH transport block bits transmitted within a TTI: 51024

* Maximum number of bits of a UL-SCH transport block transmitted within a TTI: 51024

* Support for 64QAM in UL: No

* Support for 256QAM in UL: No

* Maximum upload data rate speed up to 51Mbit/s


DL-SCH = Downlink shared channel
UL-SCH = Uplink shared channel
TTI = Transmission Time Interval

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