Quectel L86 GNSS Module

* Quectel GNSS Module

* Ultra-low tracking power consumption

* Multi-GNSS engine for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS

* Built-in LNA for better sensitivity


* Great anti-jamming performance due to multi-tone active interference canceller

* 99 acquisition channels, 33 tracking channels

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Quectel L86 is an ultra-compact GNSS POT (Patch on Top) module with an embedded 18.4mm × 18.4mm × 4.0mm patch antenna and utilizes the MediaTek new generation GNSS chipset MT3333 that achieves the perfect performance. Designed to be compatible with the Quectel GPS L80 module in the compact and unified form factor, it provides a flexible and scalable platform for migrating from GPS to GNSS. This space-saving design makes L86 a perfect module for miniature devices. Adopting LCC package and integrating patch antenna, L86 has exceptional performance both in acquisition and tracking.

Combining advanced AGPS called EASY™ (Embedded Assist System) and proven AlwaysLocate™ technology, Quectel L86 module achieves the highest performance and fully meets the industrial standard. EASY™ technology allows L86 to calculate and predict orbits automatically using the ephemeris data (up to 3 days) stored in internal RAM memory, so L86 can fix position quickly even at indoor signal levels with low power consumption. With AlwaysLocate™ technology, L86 can adaptively adjust the on/off time to achieve the balance between positioning accuracy and power consumption according to the environmental and motion conditions.

Quectel L86 supports automatic antenna switching function. It can achieve the switching between an internal patch antenna and an external active antenna. Moreover, it keeps positioning during the switching process.

Due to its compact design, high precision and sensitivity, Quectel L86 GNSS Module is perfectly suitable for a broad range of M2M applications such as portable device, automotive, personal tracking, security and industrial PDA. It is especially suitable for special applications, like GPS mouse and OBD.

Key Benefits:

* Multi-GNSS engine for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS

* Embedded patch antenna: 18.4mm × 18.4mm × 4.0mm

* Extremely compact footprint: 16.0mm × 16.0mm × 6.45mm

* Automatic antenna switching function

* Support short circuit protection and antenna detection

* Built-in LNA for better sensitivity

* EASY™, an advanced AGPS technology without external memory

* Ultra low power consumption in tracking mode, 26mA

* AlwaysLocate™, an intelligent controller of periodic mode

* LOCUS, an embedded logger function without the need of host and external flash

* High sensitivity: -167dBm @Tracking, -149dBm @Acquisition

* 99 acquisition channels, 33 tracking channels

* Balloon mode, for high altitude up to 80km


* Great anti-jamming performance due to multi-tone active interference canceller

* PPS VS. NMEA can be used for time service

* Support SDK command developed by Quectel

Quectel GNSS L86 Module Specifications:

* GNSS Features

- GPS L1 Band Receiver (1575.42MHz)/GLONASS L1 Band Receiver (1601.71MHz):
> Channel: 33(Tracking)/ 99 (Acquisition)
> C/A Code

- Horizontal Position Accuracy:
> Autonomous: <2.5m CEP

- Velocity Accuracy:
> Without Aid: <0.1m/s

- Acceleration Accuracy:
> Without Aid: <0.1m/s2

- Timing Accuracy:
> 1PPS Out: 10ns

- Reacquisition Time: <1s

- TTFF @-130dBm with EASY:
> Cold Start: <15s
> Warm Start: <5s
> Hot Start: <1s

- TTFF @-130dBm without EASY:
> Cold Start: <35s
> Warm Start: <30s
> Hot Start: <1s

- Sensitivity:
> Acquisition: -149dBm
> Tracking: -167dBm
> Reacquisition: -161dBm

- Dynamic Performance:
> Maximum Altitude: Max. 18000m
> Maximum Velocity: Max. 515m/s
> Maximum Acceleration: 4G

* Interfaces

- Serial Interfaces:

> UART: Adjustable 4800bps~115200bps
> Default: 9600bps

- Update Rate:
> 1Hz (Default), up to 10Hz

- I/O Voltage:
> 2.7V~2.9V

- Protocols:
> NMEA 0183

* General Features

- Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +85°C

- Dimensions: 18.4mm × 18.4mm × 6.45mm

- Weight: Approx. 7.6g

- Power Supply: 3.0V~4.3V

- Power Acquisition:
> 30mA @3.3V (GPS+GLONASS)

- Power Tracking:
> 26mA @3.3V (GPS+GLONASS)

- Power Saving:

> 3.5mA @AlwaysLocate™ (Note1)
> 7uA @Backup Mode
> 1mA @Standby Mode
> Periodic Mode

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