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3G/4G Module

More and more network providers are deploying LTE (Long-Term Evolution) networks worldwide, and some of them are upgrading the LTE network to LTE-advanced or even advanced Pro as time goes. To work with the LTE networks, many cellular module vendors presented their LTE modules to work with the LTE, LTE-A or LTE Advanced Pro networks. Since LTE is as the standard of 4G networks, LTE modules are also called 4G modules or 4G LTE modules. The 4G LTE modules are mostly integrated into other terminals or gadgets, so they are also called LTE embedded modules or 4G embedded modules.


4G Embedded Module Categories

With the developments of LTE technologies, LTE is divided into many branches as categories. From the basic LTE Category 3, the category is now developed to Cat.4, Cat.5 Cat.6, Cat.7, Cat.8, Cat.9, Cat.10, Cat.11, Cat.12, Cat.13, Cat.15, Cat.16, and Cat.18. From LTE Cat.6 to Cat 13, it’s in the range of LTE advanced networks. From Cat.15 to Cat.18, it’s in the range of LTE Advanced Pro. To support these LTE networks, the 4G embedded modules are consequently with corresponding LTE technologies. So the 4G modules are also called LTE cat.3 module, LTE Cat.6 module or LTE advanced pro module etc..


Since LPWA (low-power and wide-area) technology is adopted for IoT (Internet of Things), the three LTE divisions (LTE Cat.1, LTE Cat-M, LTE Cat NB-IoT) also need LTE modules to meet different requirements. The LTE Cat.1 module, LTE Cat-M module, and LTE Cat NB-IoT module have similar features but there are still many differences in the bandwidth, speeds, and applications. These LTE IoT modules are widely used in many fields.


4G Wireless Module Form Factor

The 4G wireless modules are embedded in many user equipments, so they are not in only one format. To meet different interfaces in the UEs, the 4G wireless modules are mainly in below form factors: Mini PCIe (mPCIe), M.2, SMT, B2B (Board-to-Board), LCC, LGA.


4G Cellular Module Vendors

To occupy more market share of LTE, many world famous vendors are competing seriously, in which Sierra Wireless, Qualcomm, Intel, Ericsson, Telit, Huawei, ZTE, SIMCOM, Quectel, MeiG smart, Novatel, Option, Anydata, AM Telecom, Cinterion, Longsung, Cheerzing, Digi, Gemalto, Fibocom, H3C, Lierda, MobileTek, Nimberlink, Pycom, Skywork, Lenovo etc are including. Most of them have a full range of LTE cellular modules, which could support not only the LTE basic to LTE advanced pro, but also the LTE IoT networks. The competition also furtherance the development of LTE technologies and renew of the 4G cellular modules. 

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