Quectel 5G-M2 EVB Kit

Quectel 5G-M2 EVB Kit 

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Key Features and Specs of Quectel 5G-M2 EVB Kit

Power Supply
Typical power supply:
* Power jack: 5 V / 3 A
* USB Type-C: 5 V

M.2 Interface: Standard PCI Express M.2 interface

* (U)SIM1 and (U)SIM2 interfaces
* (U)SIM card insertion detection
* Class B (3.0 V) and Class C (1.8 V)

* USB Type-C interface
* USB 2.0 & 3.0

* Converts debug UART to USB 2.0 signal (J0901)
* Connects the module’s DBG_TXD and DBG_RXD to the EVB (J0902)

* Supports AF50T WLAN or RTL8111H/RTL8125 Ethernet

* Supports ALC5686 codec board or LE9643 SLIC board
* Earphone:
- 3.5 mm earphone interface
- Used to test the analog audio function of codec modules
* Handset:
- RJ11-4P handset interface
- Used to test the analog audio function of SLIC module

* 6 antennas supporting 600–6000 MHz

Quectel 5G-M2 EVB Kit Accessory List:

* Power adapter AC-DC power adapter (5 V/ 3 A) x 1

* Cables:
- USB Micro-B cable x 1
- USB Type-C cable x 1
- Sub-6 GHz RF cables x 6

* Antennas: Sub-6 GHz antennas x 6

* USB Flash Disk: 8 GB USB flash disk x 1

* Earphone: 3.5 mm earphone x 1

* ALC5686 TE-A: Codec module x 1

* RTL8111H TE-A: Ethernet module x 1

* Soft Silicone Pad: Thermal conductive pad x 1

* Heatsink: 60 mm ×60 mm black anodized heatsink x 1

* Instruction sheet:
- A sheet of paper giving instructions for EVB connection, details of EVB accessories, etc. x 1

* Others
- Screws and copper cylinder for EVB assembling x 4 pairs
- Screws for module and heatsink assembling x 8

More details can be found in the user guide.

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