Cheerzing L71 Wireless LoRa Module

* Package: LCC

* Frequency band (MHz): 410 ~ 525

* Modulation technology: LoRa

* Communication distance: 15km

* Half duplex communication


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Cheerzing L71 module is a small-sized, LCC-packaged LoRa module. Cheerzing L71 measures only 17.5×16.3×2.5mm and uses LoRa spread spectrum modulation technology to support multiple modulation modes of FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRaTM and OOK. It has an ultra-wide operating temperature range and communication distance up to 15km. It can be widely used in smart meter, smart home, anti-theft alarm, smart parking, smart street lights and other equipment.

Cheerzing L71 Specifications and features:

* Package: LCC

* Size (mm): 17.5×16.3×2.5

* Frequency band (MHz): 410 ~ 525

* Working temperature (°C): -20 ~ +75

* Modulation technology: LoRa

* Communication distance: 15km

* Maximum transmit power: 18.5 ± 0.5dBm

* Receiving sensitivity: -148dBm

* Communication Method: Half duplex communication

* Interface Type: SPI

* Programming bit rate: 300Kbps


* RSSI dynamic range: 127dB

* RF signal detection: Automatic RF signal detection

* AFC: Ultra-high speed automatic frequency correction

* CAD mode: Channel detection function

* Data pack: CRC 256byte

* Power supply range: 2.5V~3.7V (typ. 3.3V)

* Power consumption: 0.4μA@Sleep mode

* Application field: Smart meter, smart home, burglar alarm, smart parking, smart street lights, etc.

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