Huawei MiFi E5372 4G Pocket Router Test

Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, also known as MiFi, are for users who travel a lot, now become socially acceptable. They also have many advantages: In addition to their small size and light weight, they can provide wireless internet access with a data plan for several terminals. They can also be placed on the window to have reception even inside the often insular spaces, as opposed to data sticks in conference rooms.

HUAWEI-E5372s-4G-LTE-Cat4-Mobile-WiFi-4G-Hotspot (4)

A new 4G mobile hotspot from Huawei is available now; the model number is Huawei E5372. We could test it extensively in recent weeks. It is distinguished by some additional features that are not commonplace at a MiFi. The E5372 MiFi is now available at many countries for network providers, and the prices in online stores are currently very attractive.

HUAWEI-E5372s-4G-LTE-Cat4-Mobile-WiFi-4G-Hotspot (6)

The display of Huawei Mobile WiFi E5372 is on the front. Although it looks as if it could bend, it is “only” a recessed display. But there are advantages. If the hotspot once configured, the user sees, which network standard and which provider he uses straight and can even read the password of the MiFi. So if someone gets the hot spot in the finger and the display turns on, he sees not only what wireless identification device emits, but also the same password.

HUAWEI-E5372s-4G-LTE-Cat4-Mobile-WiFi-4G-Hotspot (1)

The operation of Huawei E5372 mobile hotspot is quite convincing; the configuration is easy to do: The wireless identification of the device is clearly seen including the first password under the battery on the display. About the Web interface, which is unlike other Huawei devices, user can enter the interface and do the settings and see details information. It was noticeable in our test with an original telecom card that it’s initially not to connect with LTE network. In the APN settings we got the problem on the track: there is a telecom APN deposited, which is not compatible with LTE. We had to create a new profile and the hotspot worked in both the 800-MHz networks in the countryside but also LTE networks in the city. In a poor reception signal, an external antenna can be connected with TS9 connector.

HUAWEI-E5372s-4G-LTE-Cat4-Mobile-WiFi-4G-Hotspot (2)


Up to 150 MBit/s should be able to transmit in the Huawei E5372 hotspot, thanks to supporting LTE Cat4. In our test, we were not able to achieve these data rates in the mobile network or a potentially congested wireless channel in the heart of Berlin. Nevertheless, we achieved data rates far above the usual DSL rates. Even in rural areas with a large distance to the cell, LTE transmission could reach in the range of about 20 Mbit/s.

HUAWEI-E5372s-4G-LTE-Cat4-Mobile-WiFi-4G-Hotspot (3)


But the Huawei E5372 can do even more: Using the Web menu in the tab “More” allows access to the memory card, which can be placed in the unit. So the Huawei E5372 MiFi can work as a modem in addition to his function for up to ten devices as a common space. In this way, the plugging of memory cards could share files like in USB sticks. In the release procedure, it is even possible to allow only a single folder and not the entire memory card.



What’s exciting is the wireless repeater function. Instead of using the mobile interface, it is possible with the E5372 to register with a WLAN network. Then the Mobile Hotspot can extend wireless network even when No sim card is available.

HUAWEI-E5372s-4G-LTE-Cat4-Mobile-WiFi-4G-Hotspot (5)

In our test, we were able to use the repeater function of the E5372 Mobile Hotspots. And the surfing speed is good enough for daily usage. The connection is stable and in interruption after connected to wireless network. Huawei E5372 is a good pocket router with budget price now. It’s recommend for travel or business trip.


Huawei E5577 4G Mobile Hotspot Test

Today, we present you one of the smallest mobile hotspots from Bouygues Telecom, the Huawei E5577s321, we will say E5577 instead in the article below.


The Huawei E5577 is a little smaller than its big brother the Huawei E5786 (4G+), a bit thicker than its little brother the Huawei E5372 (4G), the E5577 is distinguished by the gray color of its edge, but it looks very similar to the other huawei hotspots. The body is in black or white, made of plastic. The E5577 is very slim and it fits in your hand or your pocket. But it’s a pity that Huawei did not set a hole for a strap in the body.

Huawei E5577c

But what can the Huawei E5577 do for users? It can be a good partner in below the situations:


  • Work as theWiFi hotspot: take the air 3G/4G around you to turn on Wi-Fi, so you can connect up to 10 devices. This is the classic feature “hotspot”, when you’re in the middle of somewhere and under 3G/4G network coverage.

Huawei E5577c

For the Wi-Fi you have the choice between 2.4GHz (classical, old, but a little crowded) or 5GHz (later, to book in for more powerful). You choose according to the devices you want to connect.

The Wi-Fi in 5GHz, up to 300Mbit/s could be achieved if one parameter bandwidth in 2 channel (40MHz) instead of one (20MHz). At 2.4GHz, the Wi-Fi link is up to 150MBit/s. It’s already good enough.


2) Work as a 4G USB modem: take these 3G/4G mobile network waves, and connect via a USB cable to a computer, then acting as a USB modem. In reality, it is a type of “Hilink” modem which does not require installation of drivers, and is managed through a web interface in a browser: the advantage is that the ignition the connection is very fast, takes seconds.


Huawei E5577c

3) Work as the Wi-Fi repeater: Wi-Fi make the waves around you, open access point, and share them with up to 10 devices: the “repeater” function or “spreader” (called WiFi Extender). Useful to save its mobile data quota when in a “connected” environment. When Wi-Fi is not available, the E5577 (which is small but very clever) automatically switches to the mobile connection.


4) Work as the backup battery bank: with a small USB micro-B on both sides (not supplied with the device) or the micro-B USB/USB 2.0 supplied to your smartphone or tablet, you can recharge your valuable equipment to communicate. The “battery” function does not prevent normal operation of the hotspot.

Huawei E5577c


Huawei E5577 Features

First surprise unpacking: Huawei E5577 battery is huge and removable, almost twice as thick as that of the E5372! The listed capacity is 3000mAH, against 1.780mAH for the E5372, and is likely to last, according to the mobile network used, 400 or 600 hours standby and up to 12 hours of continuous use. This is a Lithium-ion polymer. In practice, 12 hours are for use 4G (with one machine connected).


Second pleasant surprise: unlike the interface in the E5372, Huawei E5577 offers that of a connection interface with a login/password. We can change the password at the earliest to avoid problems.


Third pleasant surprise: the connection statistics and appliance consumption are there! A special section of the interface allows you to monitor what’s going on, connected, and for how long. If you are not happy to see such a machine, you can block it by its MAC address. It is also cool to set its “data plan” for the monthly statistics. That’s useful, and it was sorely lacking on the E5372!


And fourth major positive surprise: the E5577 seems to better capture the mobile network than its predecessor the Huawei E5372. E5577 is much more stable when it changes place. In all cases, the difference is very clear: the connection is stable, we can walk with little fear of losing the network.



In my test, I got 4G 3 bars, 50Mbps downlink (4G) indoor and 30Mbps upstream, almost as well as the E5786 4G+ in the same place. With an external antenna (MIMO 2×2), which plugs into two small TS-9 ports under a small hatch on the front edge, it will reach comfortable DL 70Mbps/UL 30Mbps. This is a feature common to all the Huawei hotspots models I tested.


Other features

  • The function WPS(with PIN), which allows to connect to the hotspot without entering the security key is present.


  • The micro SD card is classically now available on connected devices that can download or upload files on the storage card (the SD card is not supplied). We can watch a movie stored on the hotspot from their smartphone, or listen to music. The data exchanged over the LAN obviously not count against the quota of “mobile data”, as they are traded in Wi-Fi.


  • The link to the customer “My Account” on the home page of the hotspot, works!


  • The E5577 is not simlock. That’s fine, we can compare the performance of mobile networks.


  • The battery indicator: 4 bars, so 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and the empty indicator that flashes when it recharge, rather than a specific percentage, I mean. It always shocks me to go from 25% to 0% without going through the box 15%, which is the moment you should recharge the battery.


  • The inability to change the login name “administrator” and it will remain “admin”.


  • The selection of network parameters (2G, 3G, LTE) and Network Mode (Auto/Manual), less intuitive and less accurate than previous models which can only shoot 4G (LTE), you can not choose 2G or 3G.


  • The E5577 hotspot IP is The E5372 and E5786 were, fortunately, you can easily change this address.


  • The PIN entry screen, which always encourages box “Remember PIN” … thus disabling the PIN code request in the next ignition or next connecting a guest.We would like a safer screen.



In summary, the Huawei E5577 is a more complete version of the E5372: it has the same features – and even more, its interface is more complete, the data connection is more efficient and Wi-Fi connection faster. With a large battery capacity, it goes for a long session of work or leisure. With slim pocket size, Huawei E5577 is a good mobile router.






Huawei E5372 4G LTE MiFi

Huawei E5372 was supposed to be the best LTE MiFi Router since 2013. Because E5372 MiFi is characterized by the support of almost all currently popular mobile radio standards, and has excellent mobility characteristics, thus Huawei E5372 is ideally suited for travel. We have found the following the most important features of E5372, along with the test report.

Features and characteristics of Huawei E5372

Manufacturer and model number Huawei E5372
Download rate Up to 150 MBit/s
Upload rate bis Up to 50 MBit/s
Supported LTE Bands: LTE Band 800, 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz
Backup compatible Standards HSPA+, HSUPA, UMTS 850, 900 and 2100 MHz;EDGE, GPRS (2G) 850/900/1800/1900MHz
MIMO Support: Yes, 2×2
Connector for external antenna Yes, two TS-9 connector (Buy Huawei E5372 Antenna)
Category: LTE Modem to Category 4 (CAT4)
Network | LAN & WLAN
LAN Ports No, only wireless
WLAN Standards WLAN 802.11b/g/n
5 GHz WLAN support Yes
Encoding WEP, WPA/WPA2
USB 1x USB 2.0
Integrated battery about 1750mAh (duration about 5-6 hours)
Dimensions (H | B | T) and weight 99 x 62 x 14.4 mm and 130 Gramm
Information material
Test Report Huawei E5372 Test Report
Review Huawei E5372 Review (of identical R215)
Available at: On





On Huawei E5372, there is virtually nothing to be desired. It has not only mastered LTE in the popular category 3 but also supports the closest modern variant CAT4. This means that download rates can be reach as far as 100 Mbit/s, even 150 Mbit/s. The E5372 Router can be used virtually with all LTE providers in European countries, as the bands are supported at 800,900, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz. It’s a pity that Huawei E5372 can’t be used with 4G networks in United States. But the device offers backward compatibility to all relevant 3G and 2G standards. So the 3G DC-HSDPA+ is supported. Under poor reception conditions, an external antenna can be connected. On the bottom there are two slots for the type TS-9 antenna.

In the Wi-Fi range, up to 10 users can be connected via hotspot on the Huawei E5372. Configuration is done via a menu in the web browser. The installation of special software is therefore not necessary. The integrated battery is characterized by a capacity of 1780 mAh, which should be enough for an operating time of 6 hours according to the manufacturer. If user operates the router using the USB cable to the laptop or PC, the power supply is continuous.



And user can also control the device via app. For Apple devices, a special free version called “Mobile WiFi App” is available. Important information, such as signal strength, connection time and data volume consumed, displayed in a small front panel.


Vodafone R215 Mobile Wi-Fi (Huawei E5372 ) Test

Since the end of November 2013, Vodafone offers a new portable mini router called “Mobile Wi-Fi R215”. The unit dominated LTE and all relevant previous standards. The R215 LTE router is designed for travel companion rather than purely stationary use. Therefore, the package also advertises with the slogan “Wi-Fi everywhere in your pocket”. We have tested the Vodafone R215 detail on the heart and kidneys.

Vodafone R215 = Huawei E5372

Vodafone R215 is made incidentally by Huawei and is identical to the E5372 – just provided with Vodafone brand. If the R215 is SIM unlocked, of course, other providers SIM cards can be used with it. Huawei E5372 is original from Huawei, so many features are pure and not customized. So someone ask whether they can use the E5372 with Vodafone SIM, the answer is yes.


Technical parameters and first impression

We were surprised by the first dimension, with only 9.9 x 6.2 x 0.14 inches (HxWxD), the Vodafone R215 actually fits into any jacket pocket inside. With battery, we measured a weight of 97 grams, but we could not quite understand the 130g specified by Vodafone, perhaps with the box. In this sense, the router weighs so less than a bar of chocolate. Visually, it is in itself nothing to complain about. The housing is made of black matte plastic, so that the router is not comparable with a high quality smartphone, but never feels cheap. On the left side is an screen which measures 2.5×2.5 inches and operation pops up the most important results.


Inserting the battery and SIM card

Regarding the technical data, the R215 is absolutely convincing. The R215 hotspot supports LTE Category 4, so it can be used in combination with tariffs, which offer up to 150 Mbit/s download rate. In addition, the operating via HSPA+, HSIPA, UMTS, EDGE and GPRS is possible. However, unfortunately Vodafone R215 only support the frequency bands at 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz, so that the use of 4G abroad is a matter of luck. But it can still use in European countries. In 3G mode that looks a bit different. When traveling to the USA, South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania, there should be no problem, since all major bands (850, 900, 2100 MHz ) are covered .


We come to the next core of the R215, the WLAN module. If necessary, R215 can establish a hotspot with little effort. Up to 10 wireless devices can then connect to the Internet. It requires only a single Sim card in this scenario. This is an interesting method for those who want to connect several terminals on the road or in a hotel such as tablet, laptop, smartphone. The WiFi is supported with 2.4 or 5 GHz and in the standards 802.11 b/g/n. Thus, data rates up to 300 Mbps are possible.


Unfortunately, there is innately no internal memory (other than a 6 MB large system cache). However, up to 32 GB via Micro SD Card are extendable. Files can be loaded into and from the memory. Other connected users can also access other devices and read the files.


External antenna

As befits a portable 4G router, an external antenna can be connected, of course, if the receiving site is not ideal. Two TS9 ports are located on the underside (MIMO 2×2).



Huawei E5372 4G Mobile LTE Cat4 Router On Hand

We have the 4G mobile wireless router Huawei E5372 tested on the road which provides your devices with fast LTE network. It’s also called Mobile Wi-Fi Router, and now established itself as the practical devices for 4G Internet access. Compared to simple “tethering” via smartphone, the advantages of the 4G MiFi Router are obvious: MiFi routers usually have a good reception, good wireless transmit power and a durable battery.


Now the Huawei E5372 mobile LTE hotspot comes on the market, and it offers speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s for the downlink and 50 Mbit/s for the uplink, depending on fare and network expansion. Through the support of Wi-Fi in the 5 GHz range, the Huawei E5372 is also suitable for trade fairs and other places where the operation of a 2.4GHz Wireless LAN is not availalbe.



Thanks to a weight of only 130 grams including the battery and dimensions of 99 mm x 62 mm x 14 mm, the Huawei E5372 is very handy and can be easily taken in pocket or backpack. The device is available in either black or white. On the front you will find a small, well-read, monochrome display that shows current information such as the reception, the network technology, the battery status and the number of connected Wi-Fi devices.

At the side of LTE mobile router, there is a micro USB cable interface for charging the battery and connects to the computer. A separate power supply is not included. The battery has a capacity of 1780 mAh and is changeable.




The establishment of the Huawei E5372 is simple: First, the SIM card must be inserted, then the battery and then the MiFi can be turned on with the power button on the front. After a few seconds, the E5372 is connected to the Internet, provided that no PIN protection is enabled. The configuration for wireless access is not necessary in the normal case, the Huawei E5372 recognizes the provider itself and uses the appropriate setting from a database.



The connection to tablet, Smartphone or computer is done either via USB or Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n. Normally, the wireless connection is fast enough, only if you would like to take over the full 150 Mbit/s on LTE network. The appropriate adjustment can be made using the buttons on the device, or alternatively, the configuration also by Huawei Mobile WiFi app on the tablet or smart phone or through the web interface on the computer possible. The Wi-Fi 5 GHz range is less busy frequency band and therefore less interference. For trade fairs or large events, this is worth a lot. The disadvantage of 5 GHz WLAN is the somewhat smaller range, especially in buildings.



In the test of Huawei E5372, we used the SIM cards from Vodafone and Telekom. The tariffs were activated for up to 150 MBit/s for downlink, but the maximum of 50 Mbit/s from Vodafone network LTE800 is available due to technical reasons. Overall, pretty good reception of the E5372 router could come true for uplink.  Under the Vodafone network, peak speeds of about 45 Mbit/s for downlink were possible while under the Telekom network, the maximum download speed of 118 Mbit/s was possible. On the other side, the E5372 can use the mobile Internet via GSM, UMTS in high speed.



A very important part of a mobile wireless router is the battery.  Huawei E5372 has a capacity of 1780 mAh and allows operation time of about 5-6 hours, depending on usage. Unlike many other mobile LTE hotspots, the E5372 battery can be changed in a few seconds, so for some users, a second battery could be useful.




The Huawei E5372 is a small mobile LTE hotspot that can score in the test with a fast modem and current WLAN technology. The software is fast and offers many options. Huawei E5372 is the perfect mobile hotspot for smartphone, tablet and other WiFi terminals. So far the router is available at , you will know more about it after you get it on hand.


HUAWEI E5372 Mobile 4G Router Review

Following the LTE-Advanced network available in Germany, more and more LTE Category 4 Mobile devices are presented to public by the operators. Now the Huawei E5372 LTE Mobile Hotspot will be available soon. We are lucky to have the opportunity to have a closer look of the Huawei E5372. Today, we will have a overview of this new LTE mobile hotspot.



LTE Category 4 to 150 Mbit/s
As a modern LTE hotspot, Huawei E5372 supports LTE Category 4 based on the latest LTE standard with up to 150 megabits per second downstream and up to 50 Mbit/s upload. The HUAWEI E5372, more accurately model number is E5372s-32, supports the LTE Frequency bands at 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz, which are the most popular LTE bands in Europe and Asia. So with the unlocked HUAWEI E5372, user can surf and roam in most of the LTE networks over the world. As the backup, the HUAWEI E5372 could work on UMTS/HSPA+/GSM networks where LTE network is not available. Based on the DC-HSPA+ technology, the 3G Peak download speed could reach up to 42.2 Mbit/s.



Wi-Fi for up to 11 devices
With the built-in WiFi 802.11b/g/n module, HUAWEI E5372 could support maximum downstream speed up to 300 MBit/s. A special feature compared to HUAWEI E5776 is that Huawei E5372 can not only transmit on 2.4 GHz, but also supports the 5 GHz band. This is especially useful when there are many other networks are already active in the 2.4 GHz band. Like other 4G Mobile WiFi Hotspot, up to 10 WiFi devices can be connected wirelessly through Huawei E5372. It is also possible to connect to the Internet via the microUSB connector. Therefore, up to 11 devices can surf simultaneously via the E5372 LTE hotspot.



Up to 6 hours operating time
unfortunately, the replaceable battery is 1780 mAh, which is somewhat smaller than most other MiFi hotspots. Huawei E5372 is the smallest LTE hotspot on the market. And two connectors for external antennas are available in HUAWEI E5372, while HUAWEI E5776 has only one antenna connector. The MIMO antenna technology could be used with two external antennas, one antenna can’t do the MIMO.



Same model as Vodafone R215
The Huawei E5372 LTE hotspot will be marketed with other operators’ brand; as we know, Vodafone has introduced E5372 in its product range. The new router is named Vodafone R215 and will be available in the next few weeks. And the color of R215 is in black. Other features may be the same. Per the user experience, the unlocked one or HUAWEI original one would be more convenient to roam around and support more operators.

Vodafone R215 4G Mobile WiFi Hotspot Review

Vodafone R215 LTE Mobile Wi-Fi Router is the successor to the Vodafone R210 router. The device is manufactured by Huawei and again technically similar to the Huawei E5372 4G LTE Category 4 Mobile Hotspot, where Vodafone has naturally customized not only the exterior but also the firmware. Vodafone R215 Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot is a new LTE Category 4 Mobile Router, which allows data rates of up to 150 megabits per second for downstream and up to 50 Mbit/s for upstream. All three LTE Frequency bands used in Germany (800, 1800 and 2600 MHz) are supported.


Replaceable battery and memory card
Just like almost of the LTE surf sticks, the R215 mobile Wi-Fi router can be common to insert a microSD memory card. The data stored on it could be shared to all devices that are connected to the hotspot R215 under request. Compared to other Vodafone LTE hotspot, Vodafone R215 has a special feature; it is the removable battery that can be replaced quickly. The R210’s battery can’t be removed or replaced. Unfortunately, the capacity of 1780 mAh is not very high, which can keep continuously operating up to 6 hours.


Technically speaking, a modem chipset of Huawei subsidiary HiSilicon is included in the Vodafone R215, which not only supports LTE with up to 150 Mbit/s, but also works on DC-HSPA+ network in the UMTS, and the EDGE/GSM network are backward. If the Vodafone R215 is working in areas with poor reception, user can be strengthen the signal through two external 4G antennas; through the two ports, the R215 Hotspot will even support MIMO in LTE network.


The Vodafone R215 LTE hotspot router will come soon in Germany on the market; the prices are not yet known. But if you like HUAWEI brand, it would be better to take HUAWEI E5372, the E5372 is SIM unlocked and would support most of 4G networks and 4G operators in Europe and Asia. Here now, the HUAWEI E5372 is available on . If you can’t wait to enjoy the 4G 150Mbps, HUAWEI E5372 is a one of the great hotspot for you.



Difference Between HUAWEI E5776 and E5372

With the 4G LTE network development, more and more 4G LTE Category 4 devices are available. HUAWEI is always leading the mainstream of LTE trend. And more and more Huawei wireless devices are available. Today, we will have a look at the Huawei E5776 and Huawei E5372 4G mobile WiFi hotspot, the two very powerful mobile and wireless routers. They are both available on the now.

You may wonder where the exact advantages and disadvantages of each device are, you will see the details in following article. A common feature is the integrated cellular modem: both the HUAWEI E5776 and the HUAWEI E5372 is based on HiSilicon Hi6920 chipset which is for the LTE Category 4 with up to 150 MBit/s download speed. In addition, the modem is backward compatible with UMTS DC-HSPA+ technology and including GSM/EDGE.



As we can see, the Huawei E5776 is in black color and made of plastic, but in China, the model HUAWEI E5776 is in white; and you can also see the Huawei E5372 is either black or white appearance, and with removable battery. This has some advantages, but the capacity of the E5372 battery is only 1780 mAh, which seems too much lower compared to 3000 mAh of HUAWEI E5776. This becomes apparent in the operating time: Huawei E5776 provides up to 10 hours of wireless Internet access, about 4 hours more than the E5372.

As the table shows, there is another difference: the Huawei E5372 wireless module transmits as desired in either the 2.4 GHz band or the 5 GHz range. Especially for large events with dozens of Wi-Fi networks so you have an advantage with the E5372, because the terminals of course also support the 5 GHz band. Furthermore, a repeater mode has been integrated in the E5372, so you can also use a different wireless network for Internet access when needed. Both devices have a limitation of connecting up to 10 WiFi users, in addition, an eleventh device can access the Internet with the MiFi router via USB cable.

Model Huawei E5776 Huawei E5372
LTE Network Category 4, 150 Mbit/s for Dowload and 50 Mbit/s for Upload.Frequency: 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz
UMTS DC-HSPA+ up to 42.2 Mbit/s for Download und 5.76 Mbit/s for Upload.Frequency: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz
GSM/ EDGE Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
WLAN 802.11 b/g/n, 2×2 MIMO, up to 300 Mbit/s (2,4 GHz) 802.11 a/b/g/n, 2X2 MIMO, up to 300 Mbit/s (2,4 or 5 GHz), Repeater model available
Battery Inserted battery, 3000 mAh, working for  10 hours Removable battery, 1780 mAh, up to 6 hours working time
Interfaces Micro USB, Micro SD, 1 external Antenna( TS-9 connector) Micro USB, Micro SD, 2 external Antenna (TS-9 connector)
Dimensions and weight 107 x 66 x 16 mm, 160 g 99 x 62 x 14 mm, 130 g
Release In Quarter 4. 2012 In Quarter 4. 2013



For users who usually use their mobile LTE router in stationary, an external antenna can be useful. Here is important to note that only the Huawei E5372 has the necessary connections for the two MIMO technologies. The Huawei E5776 only has one TS-9 connector and is suitable only for UMTS antennas.


You decide which device ultimately, is a matter of taste. The Huawei E5776 has the advantage of significantly more powerful battery while the Huawei E5372 is technically more powerful in data transmission. At the main component, i.e. the modem, but both devices are absolutely equivalent and well equipped for the future.

More detailed information on the two devices you can get in the next article about test for the Huawei E5776 and Huawei E5372. Good to know: the Huawei E5776 mini is also available as a telecom Speedbox LTE, it costs a little less, but also slightly different frequency bands. Also the Huawei E5372 is cheaper available under a different name: Vodafone sold the unit from the 4th Quarter of 2013 under the name of R215 in its stores, also the frequency bands differ marginally from the original device.

HUAWEI New 3G/4G Mobile Hotspots and Surf Sticks

Network equipment manufacturer Huawei offers consumers not only smartphones, but also mobile Wi-Fi hotspots and surf sticks, exploiting the high speed data networks. As part of the IFA, the company has four new devices shown: three WLAN-to-GO models and a classic surf stick.



Huawei E5372—150 Mbit/s, 2×2 MIMO, as well as 5 GHz band

The new top model Huawei E5372 can with LTE Download data with up to 150 megabits per second (Mbit/s). It can work on LTE FDD Bands 1/3/7/8/20 (800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz) and help device access internet via WiFi for up to ten devices. Another one terminal can be connected via USB. Alternatively, it can also build a wireless bridge. Since LTE is not yet available everywhere, the Huawei E5372 can also work on HSPA+ network up to 42.2 Mbit/s (850/900/1900/2100 MHz) or 2G EDGE go online (850/900/1800/1900 MHz). To improve reception, you can connect an external antenna.

Data that is received quickly must be passed at high speed. The mobile hotspot transmits wireless b/g/n with multiple antennas (MIMO 2×2) and in different frequency bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz). Important information is displayed on a 1.4 inch large display. The 1780mAh battery is to allow continuous use of six hours. The 130 gram hotspot measures 99 x 62 x 14 mm.


Huawei E5220  — HSPA+ 21Mbps hotspot

The somewhat simpler model Huawei E5220 is still powerful. It can’t work on LTE, but can download data via HSDPA up to 21.6 Mbit/s and send them via HSUPA up to 5.76 Mbit/s. In rural regions, it is also online via EDGE/GPRS/GS,. In 3G mode, the data transfer via dual-band and quad-band 2G is supported.


The Huawei E5220 also supports ten other devices via Wi-Fi b/g/n, but only about 2.4 GHz. A multi-colored LED indicates the current status. The mobile hotspot can be administered in the browser or an app. The device measures 90 x 56 x 14 mm and weighs 66 grams Its 1,150 mAh battery will hold up to four hours. With ability to work on 3G, its price is much cheaper than HUAWEI E5372.


Huawei E8131 and E3531 — 3G Mobile Hotspot in the form of USB Dongle

Huawei E8131 is also a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, even if it outwardly resembles a surf stick. The USB connector provides power from a laptop or via adapter from the wall outlet or car lighter. Up to ten Wi-Fi devices can surf internet again with E8131 support. The 91 x 29 x 13 millimeters and 40 grams heavy WLAN-to-Go stick receives data via HSPA+ up to 21.6 Mbit/s – or EDGE.


Huawei E3531 is, however, a classic surf stick, which forwards the data via USB to a computer running Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Data on HSPA+ with up to 21 Mbit/s received (Dual Band) or EDGE (quad band). The stick should come on the market in the fourth quarter.



HUAWEI E5372 TDD/FDD 4G LTE Category 4 Mobile Router

HUAWEI Had released a new Mobile WiFi LTE Category 4 (LTE Cat4) E5372, 2×2 WiFi and supports standard operation in the 5GHz band. Measuring just 99mm x 62.2 mm x 14.4 mm, HUAWEI E5372 Mobile WiFi device is LTE Cat4 smallest and lightest in the world.


Provide full speed LTE data network to 150Mbps and with rechargeable battery up to 6 hours working time, HUAWEI E5372 can support 11 simultaneous connections to WiFi devices to access the LTE network.




“New Equipment HUAWEI E5372 reaffirms Huawei’s position as a pioneer in the global LTE industry and added to the list of world-class products an LTE mobile WiFi device Cat4 smallest” – he Wu Shimin, President of Mobile Broadband Product Line of Huawei Device said.

Weighs 130g, HUAWEI E5372 MiFi is really easy to use anytime, anywhere, helps transmit video data faster and simultaneous connections to 11 users, with coverage extended to 100m. E5372 saves costs with data network offload features can be automatically transferred to a secure WiFi connection as soon as possible. This device is also equipped with 2 external antenna interface helps users enhance the radio experience even in weak signal areas.


With Mobile Control 2.0 features updated E5372, you can control, access, use and change settings remotely via optional handset or tablet. The device also features SMS integration and sharing of security (secure digital – SD) to help users share files images, text, music and video from SD card via WiFi connection.

Conversion time less than 5 seconds and use a powerful 1780mAh battery, HUAWEI E5372 advanced mobile capabilities to operate independently and you can even use repeatedly in the absence of power. To ensure your mobile device is always with power, E5372 is also equipped with battery backup and charging, allowing you to recharge the handset or tablet when you move.




With the ability to optimize energy technologies Collaborative Power Control (CPC), discontinuous Connected Reception (CDRX), and Average Power Tracking (APT), MiFi E5372 helps reduce energy consumption by 30%.


HUAWEI E5372 device is white and will be published in the Italian market and Saudi Arabia this month. The other markets will have the presence of this product later. To check more mobile hotspot, welcome to land