Huawei MiFi E5372 4G Pocket Router Test

Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, also known as MiFi, are for users who travel a lot, now become socially acceptable. They also have many advantages: In addition to their small size and light weight, they can provide wireless internet access with a data plan for several terminals. They can also be placed on the window to have reception even inside the often insular spaces, as opposed to data sticks in conference rooms.

HUAWEI-E5372s-4G-LTE-Cat4-Mobile-WiFi-4G-Hotspot (4)

A new 4G mobile hotspot from Huawei is available now; the model number is Huawei E5372. We could test it extensively in recent weeks. It is distinguished by some additional features that are not commonplace at a MiFi. The E5372 MiFi is now available at many countries for network providers, and the prices in online stores are currently very attractive.

HUAWEI-E5372s-4G-LTE-Cat4-Mobile-WiFi-4G-Hotspot (6)

The display of Huawei Mobile WiFi E5372 is on the front. Although it looks as if it could bend, it is “only” a recessed display. But there are advantages. If the hotspot once configured, the user sees, which network standard and which provider he uses straight and can even read the password of the MiFi. So if someone gets the hot spot in the finger and the display turns on, he sees not only what wireless identification device emits, but also the same password.

HUAWEI-E5372s-4G-LTE-Cat4-Mobile-WiFi-4G-Hotspot (1)

The operation of Huawei E5372 mobile hotspot is quite convincing; the configuration is easy to do: The wireless identification of the device is clearly seen including the first password under the battery on the display. About the Web interface, which is unlike other Huawei devices, user can enter the interface and do the settings and see details information. It was noticeable in our test with an original telecom card that it’s initially not to connect with LTE network. In the APN settings we got the problem on the track: there is a telecom APN deposited, which is not compatible with LTE. We had to create a new profile and the hotspot worked in both the 800-MHz networks in the countryside but also LTE networks in the city. In a poor reception signal, an external antenna can be connected with TS9 connector.

HUAWEI-E5372s-4G-LTE-Cat4-Mobile-WiFi-4G-Hotspot (2)


Up to 150 MBit/s should be able to transmit in the Huawei E5372 hotspot, thanks to supporting LTE Cat4. In our test, we were not able to achieve these data rates in the mobile network or a potentially congested wireless channel in the heart of Berlin. Nevertheless, we achieved data rates far above the usual DSL rates. Even in rural areas with a large distance to the cell, LTE transmission could reach in the range of about 20 Mbit/s.

HUAWEI-E5372s-4G-LTE-Cat4-Mobile-WiFi-4G-Hotspot (3)


But the Huawei E5372 can do even more: Using the Web menu in the tab “More” allows access to the memory card, which can be placed in the unit. So the Huawei E5372 MiFi can work as a modem in addition to his function for up to ten devices as a common space. In this way, the plugging of memory cards could share files like in USB sticks. In the release procedure, it is even possible to allow only a single folder and not the entire memory card.



What’s exciting is the wireless repeater function. Instead of using the mobile interface, it is possible with the E5372 to register with a WLAN network. Then the Mobile Hotspot can extend wireless network even when No sim card is available.

HUAWEI-E5372s-4G-LTE-Cat4-Mobile-WiFi-4G-Hotspot (5)

In our test, we were able to use the repeater function of the E5372 Mobile Hotspots. And the surfing speed is good enough for daily usage. The connection is stable and in interruption after connected to wireless network. Huawei E5372 is a good pocket router with budget price now. It’s recommend for travel or business trip.