LTE Standardization

3GPP is initiative responsible for the standardization of LTE mobile technology. 3GPP Stands for Third Generation Partnership project.


The initiative focuses on the standardization of LTE and third generation wireless technologies such as UMTS.


Technical specifications of LTE


In various releases since 1999, the 3GPP initiative has published technical specifications for different areas of mobile communications technology. The release 8 focuses on the standardization of LTE technology and is the most recently completed. In releases 9 AND 10 further standardization of LTE technology are made.


Release 9 is concerned with improvements and enhancements of HSPA and LTE Release 10 defines the technical specifications of LTE-Advanced. For Release 9, the development of the remaining issues to be completed in March 2011. Release 10 is still under development, a completion data is unknown.


About 3GPP


3GPP was created in 1988 with the goal of creating a global mobile applicable third generation system. Practically to the standardization by 3GPP to enable the users to get in as many networks worldwide with the same equipment, the same services as in his home network. The detailed technical specifications are intended to describe all aspects of mobile technology so precise that the mobile devices of all manufacturers without errors on all cellular functions.


The initiative consists of 3GPP Organizational Partners (OPs) and Market Representation Partner (MRP). OP’s are the world’s defining standards bodies in the IT industry: the Association of Radio Industries and Business, Japan (ARIB), the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, USA (ATIS), the Telecommunications Technology Associations Korea (TTA), the Telecommunications Technology Committee, Japan (TTC) and the China Communications Standards Association (CCSA). About this Organizational Partners worldwide a majority of all mobile operators, manufacturers and regulators is organized in the 3GPP initiative.