Huawei B618 Firmware Online and Locally Update Guide

Online Update

The Mobile Broadband provides the online update function.


  1. Click Update to check the current version information.


  • During your update, do not close the browser or unplug the Mobile Broadband.
  • When detecting a new version and being updated, the Mobile Broadband reports the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) encrypted by RSA to the online update server.
  1. Click Check for Updates. The Mobile Broadband will detect the latest version.
  2. Click Update Now. A Downloading…dialog is displayed, showing the download progress.

Confirm dialog is displayed, indicating that the download succeeds.

  1. Click OK.





Updating Locally

Before performing a local update of the Mobile Broadband application, save the update package to your computer.


  1. Choose UpdateLocal Update.
  2. Click Browse.

In the displayed dialog box, select the update package saved to your computer.

  1. Click Open.
  2. Click Update.


During the update, do not disconnect the Mobile Broadband from its power supply or your computer.

  1. Click OK.

When the update is complete, the Mobile Broadband automatically restarts with the new version installed.


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