Huawei WS331C WiFi Repeater/Expender User Manual

User Guide: Let Huawei WS331C work with Huawei Routers:

  • Huawei Hilink router with H or Hi button
  • Huawei 4G Router with Hilink function and WPS button


  1. Make sure the Huawei WS331c is new and unused (If used, make sure to reset it to factory default)
  2. Plug the Huawei WS331C WiFi extender to the power plug and keep it close to your Huawei router(Less than 1 meter)
  3. Wait for 1 minute and you will see the Huawei router blinking (Huawei 4G Router WLAN LED indicator blinking)
  4. Press the WPS button or H(Hi) button on the Huawei router to start pairing(The blinking acceleration means they are pairing)
  5. When the light on extender is always green, it connects with Huawei router successfully. But don’t plug it out immediately and wait for one minute configuration.
  6. Move the extender to the room where the WiFi signal is weak.
  7. The extender WiFi name and password is the same as the Huawei router.


How to reset the Huawei WS331C WiFi Extender to factory default?

  • Use a needle to press the hole beside the Ethernet port and hold for 2 seconds. Release it when the light off. When the light is red, the Huawei WS331C is reset to factory default successfully.


What’s the light indication?

  • Always Red: unconnected with any device such as a router
  • Always Green: Already connected with a device such as a router