Huawei LTE Prevails in patent dispute against ZTE

The Chinese network equipment supplier Huawei has obtained on the Mannheim Regional Court for an injunction against ZTE. After the verdict, the judge ZTE violates five of the total of 18 patent claims by Huawei. Thus, it is no longer permitted ZTE to sell certain LTE base stations in Germany.

The dispute involved a patented method of Huawei the key derivation at the handover of receiving equipment from a base station to a radio cell to another base station. Furthermore, contrary ZTE also protected against the Huwawei of product design specialized hardware. Also after court, this may caused ZTE no longer sell LTE stations in Germany. Exceptions to this are LTE surf sticks for LTE networks.

In 2011 began the patent feud

Except before the District Court of Mannheim, the two network suppliers argue in two other methods in the Düsseldorf Regional Court. Again, it’s about LTE patents. A verdict is expected later this week.

These lawsuits are part of a major offensive against its competitor Huawei and ZTE. Since in April 2011, Huawei and ZTE has sued in several courts in Germany, France and Hungary. A little later then also overtook ZTE for retaliation and has also brought actions against patents in various countries of the competitors.