Huawei E5172 4G 150Mbps LTE Cat4 CPE Review

2012 is the beginning year of 4G LTE network, following that 2013 should be one to well develop for 4G LTE. Based on professional experience in network solution, Huawei is leading the trend of communication industry. As we can, Huawei had released many 4G UE, some of which are very popular by the operators and users.


In 2013, Huawei presents many new gadgets to public. Huawei E5172 150Mbps LTE Cat4 CPE is one of them. Today, we will have a look at this new 4G LTE CPE.


Some readers may already have the first 4G LTE CPE B593 from Huawei. The CPE is for indoor use, with SIM card plug in, it supports maximum up to 100Mbps download speed. And there are 4 Ethernet ports, one telephone slot and one interface for power charge in B593. Huawei B593 also has many sub-branch models. These variants are for different network frequency bands and operators.



Then here comes a question, since Huawei E5172 CPE is the latest model, what’s the difference between them?


At first glance, Huawei E5172 is in black color, and the size is smaller than B593. It’s key feature should be it’s a LTE Cat4 CPE, which would support maximum download speed to 150Mbps. It’s the fastest 4G CPE till now. This is speed on FDD network, but with TDD network, the speed could reach 112Mbps for downstream. The different frequency band decides many variants for Huawei E5172, such as Huawei E5172s-22, Huawei E5172s-515 and Huawei E5172s-920.


Similar to Huawei B593, E5172 also supports up to 32 users to share the wireless network. HUAWEI E5172 is also a stationary router, but there is only one port for LAN, while B593 has 4 ports for Ethernet. There is also port for power and one port for telephone. But there is only one external antenna port for HUAWEI E5172.



On the side of E5172, there is WPS, WLAN button, and reset hole is in the middle of them. Beside the LAN port, there is cover, below the cover is the battery. It’s inserted battery. On the front face, there are indicators listed on the surface.



And per the official information, HUAWEI E5172 CPE also supports IPv 6, DLNA, Fax, Print, VPN and VLAN. It could support firewall and voice functions. With remote management, users could easily manage this fastest CPE till now. This is the LTE category 4 CPE HUAWEI E5172, we will introduce more applications later.