What is Surfstick?

If you’re traveling with your laptop and any e-mails, send files online, or would like to work can do so with a so-called surf stick.

A surf stick is also called Webstick, can be thought of as a small “mobile modem”. Installation is straightforward, usually just plugging the stick into the USB port of the laptop is sufficient for operation.

Surfsticks work on existing wireless networks of mobile operators. When registering, you will hold the stick from the well known mobile phone SIM card. Making telephone calls over the surf stick is not possible for most providers.

When selecting the appropriate Surfstick Tariff, you should consider how often you’ll use the Surfstick month and for how long you plan to use the surf sticks. Fall in many Surfstick providers in addition to the
Fees for the operation of surfsticks even for one-off costs of the acquisition and installation of the surf sticks to.