4G LTE Modules

Laptops cam also go without a USB Surf stick or wireless modem online and even with the new data standard Long Term Evolution(LTE).


Thanks to the integrated modules that are built into the notebook, this is possible. For LTE, there are only a few such PC cards. Novatel wireless and Sierra Wireless have some modules in the portfolio, provide both LTE and HSPA. Thus, laptops can use this internal modem to connect to the Internet even when no LTE network is available.


Novatle Modules


With built LTE module, a notebook without connecting external hardware to bring high speed wireless Internet. The number of such internal modem is very manageable. Two main manufacturers have several models on offer: Novatel Wireless and Sierra Wireless.


Novatel Wireless has three modules on offer, which are not suitable for the European LTE market as it sparks in the 700MHz band. The modules Expedite E351 and E362 can also send in addition to LTE and CDMA networks receive. The E362 and E371 also still in UMTS networks. The chipsets installed in the modules from Novatel is from Qualcomm.


The offer from Sierra Wireless


The manufacturer Sierra Wireless also uses chipsets from Qualcomm, to make the house, internal modules for LTE fit. Sierra Offers like Novatel Three internal modems. The Air Prime MC7700 and MC7750 can both receive LTE signals at a frequency of 700Mhz. If no LTE is available, they will switch to CDMA and GSM standards.


The MC7710 is designed for the European market, because instead of receiving the uncustomary 700MHz in Europe, the MC7710 in the LTE frequency bands at 800, 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600Mhz. The Sierra Wireless Modules are as specified by the manufacturer up to 100 megabits per second downstream and can make up to 50 megabits per second upload.