Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is the successor to the successful Galaxy S6 edge since March 2016. The design has been changed compared to its predecessor only cautiously in the art, however, there is considerably more extensive changes. The battery is larger, there is a slot for memory cards and the camera should provide a better picture quality. The most recent processor including fast LTE Advanced modem has been installed. As the conclusion comes out after two weeks of use, you can read details in this review.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (7)

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is in a smart and supplied black cardboard. This is expanded laterally and has higher quality than the cardboard, which Samsung has used in recent years for its smartphones. Even on the appearance, there is a small surprise: Samsung packs a MicroUSB to USB adapter, so you can easily transfer data from an existing smartphone to the Galaxy S7. Also featuring: USB charging and data cable, manual and a quick-charge power supply, which has an output of 5V/2A or 9V/1.67A. Wireless charging supports Galaxy S7 edge well, but more on that later.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (3)

The first impression is very good: the Galaxy S7 edge has an extremely high-quality and noble, the workmanship is excellent. While the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge are front and back covered with glass and the frame is made ​​of steel, but the S7 edge is not as sharp and is therefore more comfortable in the hand. The display is slightly larger than the normal Galaxy S7 and impressed by an outstanding display of 5.5 inches.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (4)

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has a 5.5-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display installed, which is down slightly rounded on both sides. Not only the first impression of the display is very good, even after some time of use you will always be delighted with the quality. Color display, brightness, viewing angles, black level – at all important criteria, the display of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is at a top level. In my opinion it currently gets here the best smartphone display without ifs and buts.

A new feature is always on display compared to the previous generation. The time, date, SMS and battery status are clearly visible shown on the display when the device is in standby mode. It’s a bit annoying that the display to a different location every few seconds. In addition, enhanced functionality would be welcome, that allows even small notifications to display.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (1)

The Galaxy S7 edge display is still just a gimmick in my opinion, albeit an extremely chic which is worth 100 euros extra thoroughly. Samsung has introduced a few improvements to the sidebar, so you can start quickly, for example, apps or call favorites. These features are really to use but probably very few and in theory this would also no “edge” possible.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (2)

Fast chipset and LTE CAT9

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge comes with 32 gigabytes of internal memory, this is expandable using MicroSD memory card. The main memory (RAM) is 4GB in size and ensures that many programs can be run simultaneously, even when using multiple tabs in the browser almost never needs to be recharged. A octa-core processor Exynos is used, which works very fast. There is never stuttering or commemorative seconds in the Android 6.0 operating system.


The modem reaches speeds of up to 450 Mbit/s in the downlink and up to 50 Mbit/s in uplink via LTE Advanced CAT9. At present, in many countries, maximum of 300 Mbit/s LTE network is available, but with the Galaxy S7 edge has definitely a future-proof device in his hands. The internet connection is very fast and the reception in the LTE network(800 and 1800 MHz) is very good.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (5)


The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was already immediately convincing, the picture quality was already really good. In Samsung S7 edge now, it has a 12 megapixel camera instead of a 16 megapixel camera built-in, for the individual pixels have become larger and get more light. The photos result is even better in low light conditions. The aperture of F1.7 provides more light on the sensor. Overall, the image quality is really very good, however, it bothers me that the sensor now in the aspect ratio 4: 3 is working and not in 16: 9 aspect ratio. If one would like 16: 9 pictures, so the resolution is almost halved from 16 megapixels to about 9 megapixels compared to the Galaxy S6.

Even videos can record very well with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. The highest possible resolution is UHD, alternatively also provides Full HD at 60 fps, to create, for example, slow motion shots.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (6)

Battery & VoLTE

As already talking about the Samsung Galaxy S6, the battery in the S7 edge is permanently installed and is not changeable by the user. The capacity is 3600 mAh, which is enough for a whole day with heavy use. If one uses the smartphone only moderately, so two days are certainly possible, but the S7 edge Calls downright for intensive use on, so it will remain for most users at a day Crib. Samsung promises that the battery is completely fully charged within 100 minutes thanks to quick charging. In fact, the charge is very fast!


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (8)

Particularly interesting is the Wireless Quick Charging Function. With a matching wireless smart charger, such as the Choetech CHOE-T511Q , the S7 edge can charge very quickly without USB cable. This is of course much more convenient than ever charging through the cable.

The voice quality when making calls is very good. Depending on the service provider the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge supports also HD Voice and Voice over LTE (VoLTE). These times, you do not need a device with network operator branding, the Galaxy S7 edge activated VoLTE automatically if the provider supports the service. The result is very short compared call setup times, as a test shows.



Samsung has launched the Galaxy S7 edge as an excellent smartphone on the market. Compared to Galaxy S6 edge from last year, although only details have been improved, but that’s why the S7’s edge is currently the best smartphone without doubt on the market. The camera offers a good image quality, the display is excellent and all the technology is at a very high level. I personally interfere only two points: the device is very large, hardly controllable in one hand and in the some versions, Samsung has the dual SIM function deactivated. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is really a very good smartphone worth to have one.


Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Comparison

Samsung has presented two new flagship smartphones since March: the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Both units are very well equipped, and offer the latest technology with the latest software. The Galaxy S7 edge is slightly larger compared to the normal S7 and stands out mainly by both sides curved display. In this article, we will compare the two Samsung mobile phones and see which one is batter and worth the more expensive price.

Samsung Galaxy S7 VS S7 Edge (3)

Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Display

The biggest difference between Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge is already in the name: the edge has a curved screen to the sides, whereas the normal S7 has a flat screen. Furthermore, the display of S7 edge with 5.5 inches is slightly larger than that of the Galaxy S7, which has a 5.1 inch display. The resolution is 2560 x 1440 pixels identical, both devices offer it a perfect presentation, individual pixels can not be seen with the naked eye.

Samsung Galaxy S7 VS S7 Edge (6)

The display quality is excellent for both devices in every respect. The brightness is very good, colors are strong and black, thanks to Super AMOLED technology. Although the technology is the same: the display of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge acts simply “better” through the curved sides. When scrolling through web pages, while looking at pictures and videos – the display seems sometimes almost borderless and is just a beautiful thing. Samsung edge has some features such as speed dial keys placed on the display, theoretically this would also work with a flat screen. I personally have this functionality disabled rather quickly, since one calls the sidebar sometimes unintentionally.

Samsung Galaxy S7 VS S7 Edge (4)

Conclusion about the display: both devices offer the best display on the market, the Galaxy S7 edge is fascinating and simply “beautiful”. Only with the enormous size of 5.5 inches is a little bit difficult to operate within one hand, the normal Galaxy S7 is 5.1 inches which is definitely more manageable.


Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Camera

Both smartphones are almost identical, at least when one considers the technology to the screen. Regarding the battery, there is a noticeable difference: the S7 edge has a 3,600 mAh battery, the S7 has battery of 3,000 mAh. With a larger display, the S7 edge consumes a little more energy, yet I have the S7 edge model achieved overall slightly longer times than the normal S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 VS S7 Edge (5)

The back camera has 12 megapixels for both devices and is among the best from what you can get in a smartphone now. The bright F1.7 optics and the comparatively low resolution allows even in low light very decent pictures and the autofocus of the Galaxy S7 / S7 edge is probably actually faster than that in any other smartphones.


Technical Specifications

The internal memory size is 32 gigabytes in both devices and can be extended inexpensively via MicroSD memory card. Regarding the processor, Samsung uses a model of the OctaCore Exynos so as the Galaxy S7, which makes them the fastest smartphones available. The modem achieved speeds of up to 450 Mbit/s downstream and up to 50 Mbit/s upstream through LTE Advanced category 9. Reception and voice quality of both smart phones were well in the test, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is supported by default and works without branding firmware.

Samsung Galaxy S7 VS S7 Edge (1)

Both Samsung smartphones are protected against water and dust, and are supplied with a quick-charging power supply, which enables a complete charge in 90 minutes (Galaxy S7) or 100 minutes (Galaxy S7 edge).In addition, the quick-charging function is also available with contactless charging, with a corresponding charging pad, you can charge the device very convenient.

Samsung Galaxy S7 VS S7 Edge (2)

Conclusion: S7 or S7 edge?

Ultimately, you should ask yourself two questions if you want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 or a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: one may prefer the size of the S7 or S7 edge? Both can be found best out in direct comparison on site in the electronics market and the mobile phone shop.
I personally would decide at any time for the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, the display is simply fascinating. But if you prefer one hand operation, then normal Samsung Galaxy S7, as the shape is pleasant without the curved display. Whichever device you then ultimately decide: you will definitely get an excellent phone with very good technology.


Samsung Galaxy S7 New Smartphone Review

The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes in the colors black, white, silver and gold on the market and has a high-quality body made of glass and metal – good conditions for a bestseller. The Galaxy S7 smartphone was presented at the edge of the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona and features some improvements compared to its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S6. The technology has been brought up to date and also a memory card slot is now available again. This hands-on items with many images should provide a detailed first impression of the new Samsung flagship.



The Samsung Galaxy S7 is, although quite similar to its predecessor, but in detail some important changes have been made that make the device again slightly better in the hand. So the glass on the back to the sides is now clear rounded, the metal frame has become somewhat thinner. The colors look overall very nice, the best impression, however, has left the silver variant in the first Hands-On. This just seems very chic, but also has a major drawback: fingerprints are best visible in the silver version. When at the white and black Galaxy S7, fingerprints are indeed a problem, but here it is still rather limited. A more unusual color such as the bright blue of the Galaxy S6 is no longer available for the S7 unfortunately.

The casing of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is like the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge – waterproof and dustproof. According to Samsung, there is no problem for the smartphone to water up to 30 minutes and the Galaxy S7 is IP68 certified. The connections must not be specially covered to protect them, the device is adequately protected from the inside.

Always-On Display

The display has remained at the same size 5.1 inches, and the resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels (qHD) remains good. In the pixel density of 577 ppi content on the AMOLED display are depicted extremely sharp and vivid colors. The luminosity was the first test well. A new feature of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the always-on function of the display content, such as the time and upcoming appointments can be displayed even when the display is off.

Improved camera

The camera sits on the Samsung Galaxy S7 again centrally at the back, is now, however, only very slightly out of the phone body, the clearly visible that there is no longer camera bump from Galaxy S6. The camera was not only visually upgraded, technically they can do much more: the look is very bright with F1.7 and the individual pixels to be significantly larger than its predecessor. The resolution is 12 megapixels in 4:3 format is slightly lower than its predecessor. In 16: 9 format are approximately 9 Megapixels. Videos can be recorded with 4K UHD resolution of course as usual.


LTE CAT9 with 450 MBit/s

In addition to a new processor, which is manufactured in the 14nm process, the Samsung Galaxy S7 also has a current LTE modem on board. This speeds up to 450 Mbit/s over the LTE network are possible, provided the network is expanded accordingly and an appropriate tariff is used. In the uplink up to 50 Mbit/s are possible. Samsung Galaxy S7 supports WLAN both the frequency range of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (WLAN 802.11ac MIMO).

The RAM is 4 gigabytes in size; the internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is 32 gigabytes in size, and later to a version appear with 64 gigabytes of internal memory. Unlike the Galaxy S6, a memory expansion with MicroSD memory card is possible with the Galaxy S7, therefore, the memory can be upgraded cost-effectively.


In the first test, the Samsung Galaxy S7 performed well definitely. Unlike the sister model Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S7 has a smaller display screen, but the specifications are largely identical. A real test of the series model now show how long the non-changeable 3,000 mAh battery, and how the device generally performs in daily use.
The Samsung Galaxy S7 is available from 11 March 2016, users will see what’s the real change in the new flagship smartphone. If you prefer larger smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge may be a good option. They are both available on at good price for purchase.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge New Smartphone Review

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is the premium version of Samsung Galaxy S7. The design is largely identical, but the display is slightly larger than the Galaxy S7 and at the sides with 5.5 inches, the display is very rounded, just as you would already know from the previous Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Also the battery with 3600 mAh is slightly more than the normal Galaxy S7, so that the operating time is likely to be slightly better. In this article, you can see first impressions and some pictures from the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Galaxy S7 Edge Appearance

The Samsung Galaxy 7 edge is very well made like its predecessor. On the front and on the back, glass is used, the frame at the sides consists of metal. This device feels good in his hand. With the large 5.5 inch display, the S7 Edge can’t be operated with one hand, for writing and for quick use you need both hands. In my opinion, the Galaxy S7, not S7 edge, with a smaller display will be better for one hand use, but larger displays are so popular. As we can see, the Galaxy S7 edge is in the color silver, while the fingerprints are highly visible. The chic “emerald green” of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is no longer available. The Galaxy S7 edge is available in silver, black, white and gold.   The Galaxy S7 edge is protected against water and dust and is IP68 certified, like the predecessor model Samsung Galaxy S5. Unlike this phone, the connectors for headphones and microUSB are however open and are not protected by flaps. The 12 megapixel camera is not as strong as the old model Galaxy S6 edge.

Galaxy S7 Edge Storage and camera

Another new feature concerns the storage equipment compared to the previous. The Galaxy S7 edge has 4 gigabytes of memory and either 32 or 64 gigabytes of internal memory. Furthermore, an extension of the internal memory via MicroSD card is possible, according to Samsung, it could support SD card up to 200 gigabytes. In some regions, there is a hybrid SIM slot where you can insert either two nano SIM card or a SIM card and a memory card. In some areas, the Galaxy S7 edge unfortunately only appears as a single-SIM variant. The camera should have been significantly improved compared to the Galaxy S6 edge again. The aperture of F1.7 promises particularly good photos in low light, so for example at dusk. The resolution is only 12 megapixels for photos. Nevertheless, the picture quality will be better, because the individual pixels are larger. Videos can be further incorporated with 4K resolution.   Compared to the Galaxy S6 edge, the camera of the Galaxy S7 edge stands out barely out of the case, it looks much better.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge will be available from 11 March on This refers to the version with 32GB of internal memory, when the more expensive version with 64 GB will be offered, is not yet known. The colors you can choose are black, white and gold.

Samsung Galaxy S7 4G LTE Smartphone Released

Samsung will present new 4G LTE Smartphone – the Samsung Galaxy S7 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February. It at least indicates all previous rumors. Now the first images have emerged, which should show the details about Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. At first glance, it is clear that the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is significantly larger than the normal Galaxy S7, on the fundamental design compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6 series but has changed little. There are also further glass and metal on the front and back.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will differ only slightly from the Galaxy S6, at least in terms of design. This prognosis industry insiders issued a few weeks ago and now emerged render images support the opinion of the experts. The Galaxy S7 might return with glass on the front and back, the frame is made of metal. At the Galaxy S7 edge, the glass is additionally strongly curved at the edges left and right, as well as the display below. The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge will probably have a screen size of 5.5 inches on the diagonal, the normal Galaxy S7 a display with 5.1 inches. And they are expected to have QHD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440pixels. The Samsung Galaxy S7 may be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon Exynos 8890 or 820.

The Galaxy S7 may be installed Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. The main camera may be 12 mega pixels and front camera is 5 mega pixels. And the cameras may be waterproof. The most attractive feature may be the wireless charging. The battery of Samsung Galaxy S7 may reach to 3600mAh, which is much larger capacity than predecessors such as Galaxy S6.


Evleaks had a report about the technical data with the photos, which is to be confirmed in the following days. Samsung Galaxy S7 would be the great concern in the WMC 2016. We will show more details about the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone once there is any news.