Netgear AirCard 810S(AC810S-300) LTE Cat.11 Mobile Hotspot for Sprint

Netgear had presented a new LTE terminal “AC810S-300” to market recently. The Aircard AC810S hotspot has passed through the FCC at December 7, 2015. FCC ID is PY3AC810S.

The Netgear AC810S LTE Mobile hotspot could support multiple networks, such as FDD-LTE/TD-LTE/W-CDMA/CDMA2000. The Mobile networks include FDD-LTE 1900 (B2 / B25) / 1700 (B4) / 850 (B5) / 800 (B26) / 700 (B12) MHz, TD-LTE 2500 (B41) MHz, W-CDMA 1900 (II) / 850 (V) MHz, CDMA2000 1900 (BC1) / 800 and is certified by the (BC0 / BC10) MHz.


The Aircard 810s has been passed in the frequency of wireless LAN, standard corresponding to the IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. Wireless LAN communication 5.xGHz band in addition to the 2.4GHz band are also made possible.

Netgear has many branch models, which has not be published, and the AC810S-300 is also the model number of unpublished terminal. It can be seen that it corresponds to previously announced AC810S series.


NETGEAR AirCard 810S is a mobile wireless LAN router that supports carrier aggregation and it is a LTE UE Category 11 and the key technologies of LTE-Advanced. Carrier aggregation corresponds to the 3 component carrier aggregation (3CC CA), the communication speed could reach the maximum downlink 600Mbps.


We had seen the sample with the US mobile operator Sprint logo on the device. It is believed that NETGEAR AirCard 810S will be introduced for the Sprint.