LTE Smartphones

The first LTE Smartphone brough the Korean company Samsung with model “Craft” on the market, it is from the regional provider MetroPCS LTE in its LTE network in Las Vegas and currently offered in many other urban regions.


The Craft dominated the radion data technology LTE and common in the US technology of the third generation mobile CDMA 2000. The latter is also urgently needed, as is still the problem of voice transmission through LTE unresolved. Must the “Craft”, when a phone call is made, switch to the CDMA network. Then abort the current download and it can simultaneously send and receive in two technologies and the unit now not even. In short: if you surf and there is a phone call, you can fly from the Internet.


According to the manufacturers and mobile operators 2011 is the year of LTE smartphones. This applies first of all to the market in the U.S. Here is the LTE rollout in the area so far advanced that there are enough customers for such devices.


Besides the already mentioned Craft by Samsung, there are no Metro PCS, a second LTE smartphone of the Korean Samsung “Galaxy Indulge”.


The “Thunderbolt”, were announced as the new LTE Smartphone by the Taiwanese company HTC, and the US. Mobile phone manufacture Motorola model “Bionic” and the Korean LG model “Revolution”.


Tips for LTE Smartphones


And LTE Smartphone should be proficient in addition to the latest and fastest data transfer technology, the transmission in UMTS networks including HSPA(and possibly HSPA+) with GPRS and EDGE and GSM networks in the second generation mobile. It must be as quickly as possible. Finally, it will take years for the LTE networks everywhere. And many customers want apart from the major urban centers to the mobile internet.


When purchasing a LTE Smartphone, an important point is to know the telephone solution. This equipment is recommended to perform without net change, when you call out. However, currently, it’s not yet clear when devices will have this capability on the market.