Advisor: LTE Laptop Datacards

An LTE Laptop card is a radio modem, which is a small transmitter and receiver station which dominates the radio data technology of LTE. It is connected via a card slot on a laptop.


Wireless modem cards are more and more of a niche product, but most users prefer the much more portable USB flash drive. However, these sticks are in LTE design advised comparatively clunky, since you do need space to the necessary for LTE dual-antenna accommodate. It remains to be seen whether this will lead to a return of the wireless data cards.


This is theoretical consideration for the time being, as at present, Fujitsu is the world’s only LTE-compatible card on the market. It’s offered by Japanese mobile operator DoCoMo on its network: The F-06C from the Japanese manufacturer Fujitsu.


The radio modem in map form in LTE networks can receive a maximum of 75 megabits per second data (downlink) and 25 Mbps receive(uplink). In the UMTS network of the third generation, it offers a theoretical maximum 7.2Mbit/s when downloading the data transmission technology HSDPA and 5.7Mbit/s upload speeds with HSUPA.


What you should consider when buying


A data card is, given the very large size of the LTE Surf sticks, possibly a real alternative. This is especially true if the USB ports of your laptop or notebook computers are so close together that by LTE surf stick possibly two slots are blocked. In such cased, a wireless modem in card fromat can be a useful variant.