Huawei E5776 4G LTE Cat4 Mobile WiFi Hotspot Test

A mini router is a small device that connects to the mobile network available, whether 2G, 3G or 4G, and forwards the connection via regular wireless networks (WiFi / WLAN). Min router is running on battery power, and it is an excellent solution for the person on the go and need network access everywhere on multiple devices – without the need for separate mobile subscription and receiver for each unit.


Previously, we tested the solution with 4G mini router from HUAWEI, the model number is HUAWEI E589. It offers highest 4G speeds up to 100 Mbps. But there is a new alternative mini router now: HUAWEI E5776 4G LTE Cat4 Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Huawei Mobile WiFi E5776

The two mini routers have many common features. The size is approximately the same, and they are both in small size, but thicker than a smartphone. There is one button operation and a small display that shows the status of the connection, battery level, and how much data is used since the last time you turned on the mini router.

Both of them could support battery charging via a micro-USB and there is slot for microSD cards.


But Huawei E5776 supports download speeds of up to 150 Mbps, and can handle up to ten WiFi users or devices simultaneously. Juar like HUAWEI E589, Huawei E5776 router also has a fixed battery of 3000 mAh. Both provide a service life of up to 6 hours. Huawei E5776 also has an app for iOS where you can see consumption, battery life, manage data on micro SD card and change the settings.



Our sample came without a SIM card, so we tested with the same SIM card that came from the operator Telenor. To get started you need to connect the router to a PC using the USB cable. The driver is installed automatically, and a configuration program is in the flash memory of the router.  Here are the icons of HUAWEI E5776 web management pages:

Home page


WLAN Basic Settings


SD Card sharing page

Then you just have to log on as the router and use the 4G network or other wireless networks that may be available.


In use on Telenor’s network, performance and coverage of HUAWEI E5776 were measured in the same way as HUAWEI E589 4G LTE Mobile WiFi. The Limitations corresponding with the date rates are not in hardware but in the infrastructure and provider limitations. However, we could reach only speeds of 35 Mbps down and 30 Mbps up, even though, it is not something to complain about. This was the fastest we measure. Taking the subway the other hand, or move into the city, or deep in office buildings covering an entire city block, the rate drops noticeably. Sometimes we lose 4G and may even have to make do with 2G connection (also known as “Edge”). The same results happened throughout the country, when you are in sparsely populated areas.

iOS App

If you have iPhone or iPad, you can also download a free app from Huawei. This allows you to check status, data usage, battery status and change settings.


The app controls most.

The memory card can store photos, music or video that will be available to all users on the network. If you have a 32 GB memory card, you can store a lot of entertainment when the family at the cottage or on a trip, without having to depend on the services of the mobile network. Alternatively, there is space capacity for many presentations and other data if the HUAWEI E5776 is for work usage.


This mini router HUAWEI E5776 is an excellent solution, and it works on all mobile networks and mobile network solutions. You can also buy it separately, so you can choose the service itself. , we reiterate our recommendation: That a mini router provides a great improvement in your browsing experience compared to 3G when move on the surface of a city with developed 4G network, there is no doubt. While Huawei E5776 LTE Cat4 Mobile WiFi works great as a single router in a household with one person, but there is more to talk for share. Data quota may soon be empty if you are an active user.

Will you buy Huawei E589 or Unlocked Vodafone R210 4G Pocket WiFi?

It has been a long time since Huawei E589 and Vodafone R210 available in the market. But there are still many users who haven’t gotten their 4G mobile WiFi.


Today, we will have a general review of the two similar 4G LTE mobile WiFi. Huawei released Huawei E589 at the beginning of 2012, then Vodafone customized this factory model per its preference, then Vodafone R210 was presented to public.



Vodafone R210 4G Pocket WiFi was first available in European areas for Vodafone 4G LTE network.  With Vodafone logo below the screen, it looks cool. The classic combination of red and black color makes Vodafone R210 attractive. However, following the factory model of Huawei E589, Vodafone R210 has only one external antenna connector, which may not be a good solution for MIMO. The battery is inserted and cannot be detachable. But the battery is rechargeable with capacity of 3000mAh, which could support the R210 to work for 6 – 8 hours.



Here comes a question, what’s the key difference between Huawei E589 and Vodafone R210? Are they just different from the logo? It’s a good question.



Vodafone R210 is for the commercial 4G LTE network from Vodafone in Europe. So when Vodafone ordered R210, it set R210 to support its deployed 4G LTE frequency band 800/1800/2600MHz. However, Huawei E589 is the model in Huawei brand, so it’s not limited to any network, per the specification, we found it would work on 4G FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz, which covers almost 80% 4G FDD network available now. Based on good reputation in 3G mobile WiFi, Huawei E589 4G LTE pocket WiFi will lead the market demand.




So Huawei E589 would support more operators over the world, unlimited to Vodafone. Per current sales record, Huawei E589 is the most popular mobile WiFi for 4G LTE network, especially in Asia and Europe. The good news is that there are unlocked Vodafone R210 available in , it means Vodafone R210 could not only work with Vodafone 4G network, but also support the 4G FDD network operators in other countries or areas. And the price is better than Huawei E589, so if you like Vodafone R210, and don’t want contract, to buy an unlocked Vodafone R210 from is a good idea.


HUAWEI E589 VS SIERRA 762s 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

Following the 4G network is more and more popular, 4G gadgets are becoming more and more common. Many users get their own 4G gadgets and enjoy the changes brought from technologies. In the 4G gadgets, there are dongles and pocket WiFi. Today, we will have a review about the most popular 4G LTE mobile WiFi Sierra 762s and Huawei E589.




Somebody may ask why are the two models and not others? The answer is simple; because Sierra 762s and Huawei E589 cover the most commonly deployed 4G frequency bands in Europe and Asia-pacific region. We will talk it later.



Huawei and Sierra Wireless are two top LTE vendors all over the world, and they are always competing with each other for LTE share. Perhaps due the protect from US government, Huawei cannot enter US market, on the contrary, Sierra Wireless is the local US vendor, which supply telecom products mainly to North American and South American. Consequently, Huawei cooperates with many operators in Europe and Asia, but it cannot open the US gate. It’s political matter, not our topic today.



As the competitor, Huawei E589 and Sierra 762s incorporate many same features, which depend on the network status in target markets.


From the appearance, Huawei E589 follow the classic Huawei E5 mobile WiFi design while Sierra 762s is also in good design. They both support 4G LTE FDD 800/1800/2100/2600MHz, Huawei E589 seems more powerful because it support on more frequency FDD 900MHz.



With both supported download speed of 100mbps, the connection stability should the main concern from users. Based on many years professional experience, they are both reliable hotspots with good quality. Under same network condition, we have tested that the average speed is almost the same.



As the same feature of 4G LTE MiFi, Huawei E589 and Sierra 762s could support up to10 users to share the network simultaneously.


Other features are almost the same, easy to take, pocket size. So in our opinion, they are same good 4G mobile WiFi, if you don’t care about the brand, both Huawei E589 and Sierra 762s are worthy to have one.


Will you choose HUAWEI E5756 or HUAWEI E5151 for Mobile WiFi?

Around the end of 2012, HUAWEI released two new 3G HSPA+ Mobile WiFi Hotspot, someone may ask, why not 4G LTE HUAWEI E5776 or HUAWEI E589? Yes, the two 4G LTE Pocket WiFi are definitely hot with fast development of 4G networks.


Today, we will not talk about the 4G mobile hotspot because for most of users, the 4G Gadgets are in high price range; they cost too much to enjoy something new. Only technology geeks are trying to follow new products. We choose HUAWEI E5756 and HUAWEI E5151 as our today’s topic because there is something special with the two models.


First, let’s look at HUAWEI E5756 42Mbps Mobile WiFi Hotspot. It’s like its predecessor HUAWEI E587, E586, E560, has the functions as E5, but supports 10 users to share WiFi network. With USB cable, one more device could access internet. And its peak speed reach up to 42Mbps under Dual cell HSPA+ technology. These features looks much like HUAWEI E587 42Mbps Mobile Hotspot, but HUAWEI E5756 have some special features such as it would work as a mobile power bank, which incorporates battery capacity of lasting 10 hours online usage. And it could output power to many devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android tablets or Smart phones. In case, if you are lucky to get HUAWEI E5756, you will get gadget with power bank and 3G WiFi router functions 2 in 1. What amazing!

HUAWEI E5756 Application at a meeting

By the way, we found HUAWEI E5756 could support IPV 6, which are not compatible with by most existed network devices. So with this powerful function and practical application functions, HUAWEI E5756 would be HUAWEI new flagship model in near future.

HUAWEI E5756 Applicaton at airport

Then let’s look at HUAWEI E5151 WAN LAN 3G WiFi Router, it has the basic function as 3G Pocket WiFi to supports 5 users to access internet, keeping working at 4 to 5 hours with changeable battery. Peak download speed via 3G is 21Mbps. The main difference and also its key features is that there is a Ethernet port at the side this device, which means, if you are outdoors, you could take it around to let it work as a portable router; when you back home or in office, it could get connected with the Ethernet cable, then it becomes a stationary router to offer wireless signal.

HUAWEI E5151 is the best partner for businessmen


With Ethernet cable, HUAWEI E5151 could support peak download speed at 100Mbps. If you are abroad for business trip, it would be better to take this one, because you don’t need to find the shop to buy SIM card, if there is Ethernet cable for network, your multiple electronics could share network simultaneously.

HUAWEI E5151 Application at a hotel to connect Ethernet cable

They are both in simple design and easy operation, and released for different application, but they are user friendly. Customer could choose the preferred one and enjoy the easy experience of surfing internet. In our opinion, if you have many electronics or gadgets demanding continuous power supply, it’s better to take HUAWEI E5756 Mobile Power Bank Router, but if you are a businessman who usually goes to different countries or areas, it’s better to take HUAWEI E5151 WAN LAN WiFi Router.


If you want to know more option for mobile WiFi hotspot, please visit: .

Huawei E5776 4G LTE Pocket WiFi General Review

4G era is coming, the vendors all over the world are trying their best to win in the game. As the top euipments supplier in China, it seems HUAWEI is leading the trend towards to LTE. HUAWEI E5776 4G LTE Pocket WiFi comes out during this time.

HUAWEI E5776 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot
HUAWEI E5776 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Folloing HUAWEI E589 4G LTE Mobile Pocket WiFi, HUAWEI E5776 4G LTE Router has many improvements in features. First and most importantly, HUAWEI E5776 4G Router supports up to 150Mbps download speed, which is almost the fastest speed that a 4G device could support. Since LTE –Advanced technology is applying; HUAWEI E5776 is somewhat like LTE-advanced gadget.

HUAWEI E5776 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot
HUAWEI E5776 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot

As the 4th generation of HUAWEI E5, we could see the workmanship and design is more simple and easier to operate for users. It’s still classy black like HUAWEI E589, with the horizontal display and compact design with 150 grams. There is three buttons on this 4G hotspot, on the face is the power button, two sides are WPS and Reset button. For users, just press power button and it will auto connect to the fastest network available. If 4G is not available, it will auto jump to 3G network connection and choose the fastest network so as to give use best surf experience. Below are the specs for reference.


HUAWEI E5776 4G Hotspot Highlights & Details:

* LTE Mobile Hotspot for up to 10 devices

* Supports download speeds of up to 150 Mbit / s

* Controlled by “WiFi Mobile” app (Android ™, iOS)

* Battery life of approximately 10 hours

* Status display in 3.7 cm (1.45 “) TFT display

* Working time: 8-10 hours

* Battery: Li-Polymer, 3300 mAh

Everything under control:

The freely available “Mobile WiFi” app allows you to control and monitor the device on Android ™ – ® or iOS smartphones and tablets during her through SD Share pictures, documents, music and video files, you can share with friends.

Mobile Flexibility

Up to 10 devices can you with up to 300 Mbit/s to connect with a local wireless network – with a running time of approximately 10 hours, ensures full power of 3300 mAh battery. Thanks to the built-in battery you can also easily invite other devices via USB.

Simple and straightforward

Another highlight of the wifi device: The E5776 is compatible with all popular wireless devices and can be configured using any web browser.

System Requirements

* Windows ® XP (at least SP2)

* Windows Vista ™ (min. SP2)

* Windows ® 7

* Windows ® 8

* ™ Mac OS X 10.5 or later

* Linux ™ Kernel 2.6.18 or higher

* Each WLAN-enabled operating system

From Huawei E5776, we could see that HUAWEI is leading the 4G LTE technology and will release more and 4G LTE mobile broadband for better surfing.

Huawei E5776 4G 150Mbps LTE Mobile Hotspot

The Huawei E5776 4G LTE Router is the first mobile WiFi device that supports the new LTE network at 150mbps dowmload speed. In elegant black, with the horizontal display and compact design with 150 grams, HUAWEI E5776 4G Mobile WiFi Hotspot not only supports breathtaking speed but also with arractive appearance and makes everything under control, which allows the freely available “Mobile WiFi” app you to control and monitor the device on Android ™ – ® or iOS smartphones and tablets during her through SD Share images, documents, share music and video files with friends.


HUAWEI E5776 is a wifi router of mobile flexibility. Up to 10 devices can share wireless network with up to 300 Mbit/ – which provides for a period of around 10 hours for the power full 3300 mAh battery. Thanks to the built-in battery, you can also easily add another one devices via USB. Another highlight of the WiFi device is that the E5776 mobile 4G router is compatible with all popular wireless devices and can be configured using any web browser.

Huawei E5776 4G 150Mbps LTE Mobile Hotspot
Huawei E5776 4G 150Mbps LTE Mobile Hotspot

Highlights & Details

  • LTE mobile hotspot for up to 10 devices
  • Download speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s support
  • Controllable via “Mobile WiFi” app (Android ™, iOS)
  • Battery life of approximately 10 hours
  • Status display in 3.7 cm (1.45 “) TFT display

Huawei E5776 4G 150Mbps LTE Mobile Hotspot Specs
Huawei E5776 4G 150Mbps LTE Mobile Hotspot Specs

System Requirements

  • Windows ® XP (at least SP2)
  • Windows Vista ™ (min. SP2)
  • Windows ® 7
  • Windows ® 8
  • Mac OS ™ X 10.5 or later
  • Linux ™ Kernel 2.6.18 or higher
  • Each WLAN-enabled operating system


  • Working time: 8-10 hours
  • Battery: Li-Polymer, 3300 mAh
Huawei E589 4G LTE Mobile Pocket WiFi Hotspot
Huawei E589 4G LTE Mobile Pocket WiFi Hotspot

Compare with its predecessor of HUAWEI E589 4G LTE Pocket WiFi, HUAWEI E5776 is almost the newest model for LTE-Advanced up to 150Mbps. Currently, we didn’t find the other one mobile hotspot which can reach this speed and cover such LTE bands.

HUAWEI E589 4G Pocket WiFi Router Review– Smooth and Stable 4G Router

After months waiting, finally, we get this hot 4G LTE Pocket WiFi Router – HUAWEI E589 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot. It’s said that this is the most popular and fastest 4G Pocket wifi router. Everyone wants to see how fast it is.

Huawei is the leading company who search and develop the portable WiFi router from 3G and 4G, and HUAWEI E5 series hotspot is the most popular pocket wifi all over the world. Since the 4G era comes, it’s no doubt HUAWEI E589 will become the shining star in the mobile 4G Router market.

Now we touch the new slim art, feel very good. The craftwork can compare with iPhone. When you touch it, you may feel it’s not an WiFi router, it’s an art. And at first glance, you may think it’s a mobile phone. It’s designed in pocket size and a small 1.45 inch LED screen. The dimensions are 113 x 62 x 13.5 mm and then the internal battery of 3000mAh which should give around 6 hours of web browsing on 4G network, you can connect up to ten devices to the router. When it power on, it will show the signal strength, battery level, the operator, network connected and how many devices are connected.

Besides the ability to connect to the 4G network, it can also connect to 2G, 3G network where no 4G network available.  On the 4G network, it can connect to the network using the following frequency bands: 2600, 2100, 1800, 900 and 800MHz, which means that it support almost most of the 4G LTE networks and operators all over the world.

HUAWEI E589 Mobile 4G LTE Router also has room for microSD and a socket for the antenna, if you are on a boat or in a caravan and want to access higher speeds, you can easy make it true with an external antenna. The device is loaded with a Micro USB cable which of course included in the box. And it could help to recharge the power and the extra function is to work as a USB modem.

Huawei wanted to create a router that is easy to use and therefore there are no menus to scroll through. The three buttons on the page is to start it up, show the SSID and password, and turn on and off WiFi. The simplicity is very good, because this is a product that does not require any knowledge of technology; touch of a button to start followed by two button to get SSID and password and you’re ready to start surfing.

Speed test:

It’s a pity that we didn’t get any monster speed from the test even in different places. Perhaps the network environment is not as good as wish, or many people are sharing the network at the same time around my test places, we reached the peak download speed up to 32Mbps, which is far from the maximum speeds of 100Mbps. But at the same, we found the average download speed is around 15Mbps,  which is about ten times of what you normally get through 3G network. We also use the SIM to test with HUAWEI E392 4G LTE USB dongle, and the result is almost the same. So we think it’s the network limit, not the device fault. Or perhaps there are other factors.

There is no problem for HUAWEI E589 LTE MiFi to connect 10 WiFi devices after the test, and the WiFi signal coverage is in large range. When we divided us into small areas, we can still get stable speed. Even when we were below ground level surrounded by cement walls, we could get sufficient speeds of around 5-7 Mbit/s .

The biggest advantage is that the router did good transitions between 3G and 4G, which resulted in that we did not lose connection just due to we were out of reach for a 4G network.

After being turned on for a few hours, the temperature is low of 30 – 35 °C, which is great to have in your pocket.

HUAWEI E589, also named HUAWEI E589u-512, below is the specifications for details features:

HUAWEI E589u-512 Specifications datasheet.pdf

A smooth shape, long battery life and good signal strength is important for a mobile MiFi Router, HUAWEI E589 LTE MiFi incorporates them all, with easy operation, it’s really a perfect mobile WiFi router for 4G. It’s clear now that HUAWEI E589 mobile 4g router is one of the best 3G 4G pocket wifi router.