HUAWEI E5730S Mobile WiFi Hotspot Box Open

In the first circle of online purchasing the new Huawei E5730 Pocket WiFi, we are lucky to get the new mobile WiFi hotspot. Perhaps many people prefer to Huawei Honor 3C mobile phone. It’s said Huawei Honor 3C is the most budget 3G Smartphone with dual SIM card slot. It seems the Honor 3C is hard to get in short time. Today we get the demo of Huawei E5730s and we will have a check the details of this new mobile hotspot.



When we first get the package box, it looks like a notebook and is, very delicate. On the package box, we can see the model name in Chinese “Miaow”. There is a plastic stick to seal the box, after cut it, we can pull out the Huawei E5730s in the center. There is a transparent plastic bag to protect the body of E5730s from scratch.

It’s a pity that we didn’t find the user manual of this mobile router. There is only a USB cable in the bottom of the box. Just like other Huawei mobile WiFi, HUAWEI E5730s has only one bitton to operate. On the front face beside the Huawei logo, there are LED indicators about the WiFi, message, battery and connected devices.


The Huawei E5730s has inserted battery for 5200mAh, which is much larger capacity than other Mobile WiFis. At the body side, the capacity of E5730S is printed out. Open the backcover, we can see the SIM card slot and a stick. On the stick, there is some important information for users, for example, the SSID name and WiFi password. When you use this hotspot, it’s better to write down the password and then connect via this WiFi key. But we didn’t find the MicroSD card slot, so the E5730s would not support extendable storage.



There are alao the IMEI number, certificate number and model number of E5730S. We found the model number is also E5730s-2. The name is similar to Huawei E5331, the E5331s-2 is the model to support UMTS 900/2100MHz. Beside the SIM card slot, there ia the hole for reset, this is the button to set the device to facory default. User can use it when forgetting the password or want new quick setup.


It’s said the E5730s-2 could work for 16 hours. If so, it will solve the battery shortage problem. And as the backup function, it can work as power bank which can help the electronics in pocket such as iPhone, iPad, Tablets to get power support. What’s more, the Huawei E5730s can provide the download speed up to 42mpbs on DC-HSPA+ technology.  And up to 10 WiFi users could share the internet access. With the small size like a credit card, the Huawei E5730s is really a good mobile WiFi worthy to have one in pocket or outdoor.