HUAWEI E352 High Speed USB internet Stick Review

The HUAWEI E352 high-speed modem will not only work well in Poland, but also on all the European countris. By supporting AWS frequency, we use it as well in the United States.


Huawei E352 is a neat device. With typical appearance of a USB modem, user has a surprise for HUAWEI E352 USB dongle: it supports for AWS frequencies (1700MHz). Thanks to feature, E352 stick would work in the United States, where the standard of communication is very popular. On the market, it’s introduced to the operator T-Mobile. If you use it in United States, we guarantee that your computer will not be denied access to the Internet – no matter where we are.


The build quality of Huawei E352 is satisfactory. The upper part is black and shiny, wrapped around a strip of aluminum color. This allows the device looks quite dignified and elegant. After removing the plugs from the back cover, we can see a SIM card slot and slot for microSD. The latter makes the modem will use as pen drive. What’s more, you will find another side with an external antenna jack that will catch stronger signal for users.



HUAWEI E352 Specifications will meet the requirements from those who like fast Internet connection. E352 supports HSPA+ network and the HSPA+ network supports the transfer of up to 21 Mbit/s and 5.76Mbps. Even though in read network situation, the peak speed may not reach, but it would still attractive for most users. And E352 is one of the most popular USB stick all over the world.



Installing the modem, as usual for these devices offered by T-Mobile, is fabulously simple. Drivers are loaded in the modem, so we do not need to use any installation CDs or download anything from the web. Just put the HUAWEI E352 into the USB port, and the installer will start automatically. It is difficult to compatible with the system that the device does not support. The long list includes almost all Windows versions (2000, XP, Vista, 7 – the last two versions of 32 and 64 bit) and Mac OS X.



After installing the modem and let it ready for use. We can use internet and send and receive SMS messages. In our test, the time for connecting to the internet was around three minutes. From the receipt of the package with the modem, we find, the modem brief instructions and warranty.


Huawei E352 is a well-made and well-functioning USB modem, so that you will always have the internet at your fingertips. Those who often travel to the United States – will appreciate the standard of AWS services, which allows easily connect to the Internet through the Great Water. Here now, there are Huawei E369 and E368 USB Stick available, with upgraded firmware and better performance, if you want experience better for surfing, you could check them two on . You will find something amazing.



HUAWEI E368 VS HUAWEI E369 HSPA+ 21Mbps USB Dongle

When we first see the Huawei E369 Himini 3G data card, we were attracted by the smart design and the slimness. There is only 8mm for thickness, and there are many optional colors available. The design and color should be the one of the factors that attracted us.



The most important is that Huawei E369 HSPA+ USB Surfstick has great ability to be compatible with the almost all the 3G WCDMA/UMTS networks. The UMTS bands that it could work not only include the 850MHz, which is common American 3G bands, but also 900/2100 MHz, the popular band in Europe.


What’s more, Huawei E369 supports 3G WCDMA AWS bands(1700 MHz). The AWS bands are available in only a few countries, such as Japan and USA. So if you are lucky to have a Huawei E369, you could travel around the world and it will keep you connected with network without compatibility problem.



Huawei E369 supports maximum download speed up to 21Mbps, under current network status, this should be a good speed that most user can’t reach even in good network atmosphere.



Perhaps because Huawei E368 is customized by the US operator AT&T, we didn’t see Huawei officially released this 3G USB dongle. It’s also named by AT&T as Unlocked AT&T USB Connect Force 4G E368. Unlike Huawei E369 compact USB design, Huawei E368 is in rotate USB design. The USB could be rotated for total 360 degrees. It also supports HSPA+ peak download speed up to 21Mbps.



To work with the AT&T 3G network, Huawei E368 supports 3G UMTS 850/2100 MHz that Huawei E369 could also work with. So if you have HUAWEI E369 in hand, it can work like E368 to keep connected with network for surfing.



However, HUAWEI E368 has some features that HUAWEI E369 doesn’t have. HUAWEI E368 has MicroSD card slot and external antenna, in this point, HUAWEI E368 would be more powerful. Because with the memory card slot, user could read file from the card and if in remote areas, external antenna would help to get better signal strength and higher speed for data transmission.

In most cases, HUAWEI E369 would be enough for users to get connected with Internet. And HUAWEI E368 would be optional if you need the antenna or memory card functions. In conclusion, they are both reliable 3G USB modems. If you want any of them, welcome to shop from .