Wholesale Stock of 3G USB Modem/Aircard and 3G Router

Today, we will keep update the stock available here for wholesale about the 3G USB Modem, 3G Aircards, and 3G Routers.


Below is the Newest stock, the model number and stock quantity with operator logo.

HUAWEI B660 – 80 PCS (mobily)

Alcatel Y580D – 60 PCS (STC)

HUAWEI E586 – 100 PCS (STC)

HUAWEI E173 – 1500 PCS (STC)

ZTE MF637 – 61 PCS (mobily)

HUAWEI E1750 – 67 PCS (mobily)

WM71 – 29 PCS (mobily)


If you want to buy them, welcome to contact us via email: sales@4gltemall.com .