How to Update Huawei Honor 7 to Improve Audio for Telephone

The Huawei Honor 7 has an update available for a short time, which fixes several minor problems. According to the feedback from users about Honor 7, one of the biggest problems of the device is the audio quality, which need to be improved with telephone calls. There has been often misfires with telephone calls in GSM and UMTS network, and the communication quality is  bad despite good reception that you barely understood and had to cancel the call. Personally, I have these problems especially in the dual SIM operation in 2G network while other devices did not have the audio problems at the same location. With the new update with version number PLK L01C432B170, the problem was fortunately resolved.


OTA update
The update for the Honor 7 can be easily accessed on the smartphone via the Settings menu. The upgrade program allows downloading the firmware via both Wi-Fi as well as via the cellular connection, the actual installation takes about 10 minutes.


The small firmware update for the Honor 7 brings only security patches and enhancements of existing functionalities. Next to the audio problem, some translations of minority languages was rectified. Even the mistakes that often two notification symbols are displayed at only one new message in Messenger applications like WhatsApp and Telegram, has been finally resolved with the update.
The Android version number remains in the 111 megabyte update at 5.0.2 (Lollipop ), you have to wait at the big update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. there is already a beta version for this update, interested users can sign up for the beta test and install Android 6.0.

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