ZTE MF822 4G Aircard VS ZTE MF823 4G Modem

Since more and more people are using 4G network for their home or office, they improve the communication efficiency through high network connection speed. As one of the important telecom equipment sipplier, ZTE had releases many 4G Aircards for various operators. And more and more people know ZTE and ZTE 4G modems.



ZTE MF823 and MF822 are two of the hot 4G dongles. ZTE MF823 is the world’s slimmest 4G USB dongle. Due to the compacity requirement, the inner part of a 4G modem usually contains more contents so as to fulfill more functions and high demand for network. This feature makes 4G dongle in bigger body than 3G modems. ZTE optimized this feature and let MF823 in slim size, actually, some predecessor model of ZTE MF823 is also very big, many users feedback they don’t like the big body..


ZTEMF823 4G USB Stick is now available for O2 contract, the O2 LTE USB 4G could support 4G LTE FDD bands 3/7/8/20 (800/900/1800/2600MHz), which is for Germany 4G network. However, the unlocked ZTE MF823 would in other European countries, such France, Portugal, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands and Finland. Most of the 4G network frequency bands are similar, which makes the roam of ZTE MF823 come true. What’s more, ZTE Mf823 could work with most 4G operators in Asia and Middle East.



By the way, unlike the first generation 4G dongle from ZTE, MF823 is in compact USB design, the USB can’t rotate. The other model ZTE MF822 is one special one, it’s a 4G USB Modem for North America. It could support 4G LTE frequency band 4 and band 7 (1700/2100/2600MHz), which is mostly deployed in Canada and USA. ZTE MF822 is already available for Canada operator “Rogers”. To work with Rogers, the FCC certificate is necessary for the device. As we know, ZTE MF822 is the only model that combines 4G band 4 and band 7. So unlocked ZTE MF822 could work in Canada and also roam to work with some operators in USA. Frankly speaking, ZTE MF822 could also work with the operators in Asia and Europe who provider the LTE band 7. So MF822 is also powerful in the compatibility with global operators.



ZTE MF823 and MF822 are not brother models, but they are both LTE category 3 USB modem. They both support the peak download speed up to 100Mbps and upload speed up to 50Mbps. The speeds are amazing for the user to trip or surf outdoor, if you want unlock MF823 or MF822, welcome to visit http://www.4gltemall.com/4g-usb-modem/zte-4g-lte-modem.html .



Unlocked Telstra USB 4G (ZTE MF821) 4G USB Modem Review

Today, we get a new 4G LTE USB datacard, the 4G aircard model number is ZTE MF821. The 4G modem is packed well in a box, there is the operator’s logo “Telstra USB 4G” on the front box, and the information is telling user this 4G USB modem. The ZTE MF821 is already unlocked by our group, so users don’t need worry about the lock issue.



At the side of the box, we can see that LTE Frequency bands that ZTE MF821 could work with. The specification indicates MF821 could support FDD LTE 1800/2600Mhz, but per our information from the manufacturer ZTE, the modem MF821 4G aircard could support band 1, band 3 and band 7(1800/2100/2600MHz), we suppose this band is not activated because the operator Telstra is not providing the LTE band 1 (2100MHz).




And the 3G DC-HSPA+ Tri-band (850/1900/2100) is backward compatible. Under the 4G LTE network, user could enjoy high speed up to 10Mbps. Even on 3G network, ZTE MF821 could reach speed to 42Mbps.




Open the package, we can see the 4G dongle ZTE MF821. There is a logo of “4G” and “T”, which means Telstra 4G. On the side, we can see two small icon of signal; they are two hidden connectors for external antennas. This feature is important for 4G data transmission, and it lets MF821 different from MF820 or MF820T. On the other side, there is no slot.




The USB of ZTE MF821 is rotatable for 180 degree, user could hide the USB in the body of MF821. User need open the back over and find the SIM card slot. On the SIM slot, we can see the model number, IMEI number, place of origin (Made in China) and manufacturer ZTE Corporation. And close to the SIM card slot, there is a slot for MicroSD memory card. The MF821 could support maximum 32GB SD memory card.




Comparing with other ZTE 4G Aircard, such MF880 or MF820D, ZTE MF821 is really very slim, the size of MF821 is as big as a 3G datacard.  So if a user prefer a small size USB dongle, ZTE MF821 is a good option and without any contract. But before purchase, user should concern about the 4G frequency band  compatibility, if you want a 4G Aircard for FDD band 20 (800MHz) or TDD band 38 (2300MHz), or any other bands that are not same as MF821 supporting, you may need check other model and choose the right one. You can check here more 4G Aircard for various LTE frequency bands:   http://www.4gltemall.com/ue-by-spectrum.html