LTE Frequency 2600MHz—Large Amounts of Data for Large Cities

The 2600 Mhz frequency range has a much shorter range, It is suitable especially for LTE development in cities and urban areas where the base stations due to high demand must already be much closer than in the country side. However, it is the one frequency range in which the large channel width of 20 Mhz is available, allowing for faster data transfer then with a channel width of 10 Mhz. According to experts, an LTE radio cell with 2600 MHz average 600 meters in diameter, but if a cell which works on 800 Mhz, the average range is six kilometers.


According to a study of the mobile equipment supplier Alcatel Lucent, the LTE spectrum 2600Mhz is also the most likely candidate for a broad international distribution, then the unlocked LTE devices at this wavelength could used commonly with other mobile operators under LTE networks after unlocked.


The range of 2600 Mhz was already taken in European countries Norway, Finland and Sweden for LTE, in Belgium, the frequencies should be released soon.


The Global Mobile Suppliers Association, an association of interests in the mobile industry sees this area as a key frequency for Europe and Asia. According to information from the association, frequencies were auctioned in Hong Kong for an LTE expansion, which were still at the auction in Malaysia. The Kuwaiti mobile operator wants to build in the Saudi capital Riyadh in 2600MHz as LTE Mobile network. The telecommunications authorities in Chile and Brazil want to auction frequencies in this range for LTE networks.