Huawei First Industrial LTE Small Cell Router Release

HUAWEI, the world’s top telecommunication equipments vendor, released the world’s first industrial LTE small cell router on April 15, 2013. The model number of the LTE Router is ATN905.


Different from other 4G LTE Routers, HUAWEI ANT 905 is to help small base stations to obtain high-rate media access across a variety of scenarios, allowing operators to extend backhaul network coverage.


Since many GCC service providers are trialing small-cell technology, HUAWEI believes simultaneous evolution to LTE will create further demand for solutions like the HUAWEI ATN 905.


Designed to meet the requirements for large base station router to deploy into small base, Huawei ATN 905 could support any media access, including fibre, GPON and xDSL, to offer additional resources for the existing network. HUAWEI ATN 905 has special features that it could get power supply through Ethernet ports, and plug-and-play.


HUAWEI ATN 905 should not be the last small cell router, following this model, there will be more and more ATN series LTE routers. It’s said ATN 905 could provide End-to-end IP RAN mobile backhaul solution with existing ATN products.


In addition, the ATN 905 OAM (operations, administration and management) functions can be used to monitor Ethernet faults, allowing operators to quickly locate problems in VIP private-line services, according to Huawei.