Huawei E5331 Mobile WiFi Hotspot Test Report

Mobile hotspots are now very popular and we have a favorable time and new model for a test: the Huawei E5331 Mobile WiFi. The small wireless router comes in a compact package, in addition to the device itself, there is only the powerful 1500mAh battery and a small USB cable included for charging. An AC adapter for charging directly at the outlet does not packed in the box.

After unpacking, if you have only the SIM card (Normal standard size) and insert the battery, then you can turn on the Huawei E5331. The HUAWEI E5331 has a LED display screen, after a few seconds to light up a few status LEDs on the front, HUAWEI E5331 will start working. At far left is a reception display, next to the light for the wireless network and an indication of the battery charge. On the far right there is a message icon that indicates new SMS.


After the first start you have to connect via Wi-Fi with the Huawei E5331, by the way, more than 8 devices can be connected via Wi-Fi. The password for the wireless network is located under the battery in the device, you should write down the code before E5331 begins operation. After a short search network, the modem automatically selects in the mobile network – certain settings such as the APN to be incurred only in exceptional cases, in most cases, no configuration is required by the user.



The reception in the UMTS and GSM operation is pretty good, and definitely better than many cell phones. In the UMTS network, HSPA + data rates of up to 21.6 Mbit/s are possible, and I was able to reach a maximum of 17 MBit/s downstream and 4 Mbit/s upload in the telecom network, so what are already quite good values! Upon request, the Huawei E5331 menu also allows to “3G only” switch, so that even if the signal is weak is always the UMTS network is selected and not a throwback to the slow EDGE / GPRS.



The battery life is about 5 hours of continuous use, requiring the E5331 for about 2 hours at the outlet (or on the computer, if you have a USB charger). All in all, the Huawei E5331 Mobile MiFi router makes a very good impression and for the price of around 99 US dollar without contract and SIM definitely unlocked. If you need, welcome to order from