Huawei B618 Sharing Files Using Samba

The Samba Service allows computers running different operating system to access files in the USB storage device connected to Huawei B618 4G Router.


Before you use the Samba Service, set the user rights and accessible folders. For details, see Setting User Rights.


  1. Choose MoreSharing > Samba Server .
  2. Select Enable Samba sharing.


A USB storage device connected to Huawei B618 4G Router contains photos, videos, and audio clips. User A wants to edit the photos, while user B wants to copy the videos. Due to security reasons, user A must be prevented from copying the videos, and user B must be prevented from viewing the photos. In this scenario, you can use Samba to set different folder access rights for different users.


The computer runs Windows 7.

  1. Choose MoreSharing > Samba Server .
  2. Select Enable Samba sharing.
  3. Choose MoreSharing > User Settings.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Set the read/write and folder access rights for users A and B.
User name Password Confirm password Rights Directory
admin1 admin123 admin123 Read/Write The folder where the photos are saved
admin2 admin234 admin234 Read only The folder where the videos are saved
  1. Choose StartRun , enter \\, and press Enter.
  2. If your device supports IPv6, please go to StartRun,enter the IPv6 address, and then press Enter.


Set the IPv6 address as follows: Prefix the address with two backslashes (\\), substitute the colon (:) with a hyphen (-), and use as the suffix.

Example: If the IPv6 address is 2001:4898:9:3:c069:aa97:fe76:2449, it should be converted to \\


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