Fibocom Released 5G Smart Module SC151-GL

During MWC Shanghai 2023, Guanghetong unveiled the 5G R16 intelligent module SC151-GL. As the industry’s first intelligent module supporting global 5G bands, the highly integrated SC151-GL is equipped with Qualcomm’s QCM4490 processor, which effectively reduces terminal software and hardware development costs, shortens the R&D cycle, and accelerates the deployment of terminals in the global market.


The Fibocom SC151-GL module is equipped with 5G and Wi-Fi 6/6E connectivity, enabling gigabit-level transmission speeds, broader coverage, and lower latency. With a global market focus, SC151-GL is compatible with mainstream 5G bands worldwide, meeting the diverse frequency requirements of different terminals and helping customers quickly establish a presence in the global market. SC151-GL supports more EN-DC (LTE and 5G dual connectivity) configuration nodes, catering to both 5G SA/NSA dual-module network modes and compatible with 4G/3G networks. In terms of mobile connectivity, SC151-GL supports high-speed access for multiple devices via Wi-Fi and utilizes TWT technology to reduce RF working time, optimize network resources, and save terminal power consumption.


The Fibocom 5G Smart module SC151-GL is equipped with the Android 13 operating system and will continue to support iterative updates up to future versions like Android 18. This means that the SC151-GL can be used in industrial mobile terminal designs until before 2030, offering more flexible and efficient iterative capabilities and an extended product lifecycle. This enables significant savings in terminal development time and costs.



Benefiting from its support for global 5G and Wi-Fi 6/6E, long lifecycle, and rich expansion interfaces, the SC151-GL can drive the efficient global market deployment of industrial handheld and other intelligent 5G terminals with better cost-effectiveness and shorter development cycles.