Band 17 (700 MHz Lower B) – Operators and UEs

LTE Band 17:   This band was previously used for broadcasting and has been released as a result of the “Digital Dividend.” FDD LTE Band 17 is paired to allow simultaneous transmission on two frequencies. The Uplink frequency is 704 – 716MHz and downlink frequency is 734 – 746MHz. The Width of the band is 12MHz, duplexing spacing is 30MHz and band gap is 18MHz.


LTE Band 17 has been chosen by US operators AT&T as the 4G LTE Spectrum and now many 4G LTE USB Dongle/modems, 4G LTE CPE for band 17, and you could check below the 4G LTE Mobile hotspot & router and 4G LTE Module for band 17.



Band 17 Operators:

  1. USA, AT&T
  2. USA, BendBroadband
  3. Puerto Rico, AT&T Mobility


Below are the 4G gadgets that could support 4G LTE band 17 and if they are unlocked, they could support all the band 17 operators:


4G LTE USB Dongle/Modem/Surfstick for Band 17:

  1. Sierra Wireelss Aircard 313u 4G USB Modem
  2. HUAWEI E397Bu-501 4G LTE USB Surfstick
  3. ZTE AL600 4G LTE USB Modem
  4. LG Adrenaline AD600 4G USB Dongle
  5. BandLuxe C505 4G Compact USB modem




4G LTE mobile Hotspot/ Mobile Router for Band 17:

  1. Sierra Wireless 754S 4G Mobile Hotspot
  2. BandLuxe PR55 LTE WiFi Pocket Router
  3. Sierra Wireless 770s 4G Mobile Hotspot


4G LTE Smartphones for Band 17:


1.      Apple iPhone 5 A1428, 2012.09

2.      Motorola Droid Razr HD, 2012.09

3.      Motorola Droid Razr MAXX HD, 2012.09

4.      Nokia Lumia 920.2, 2012.09

5.      Pantech Flex, 2012.09


4G LTE Fixed Routers/CPE for Band 17:

  1. ZyXEL LTE5121, 2012.09
  2. BandLuxe R505 4G LTE VoIP Wireless Router
  3. NetComm 4G100W 4G LTE Wireless Router
  4. NetComm 4G100WV 4G LTE Wireless Router



4G LTE Modules for Band 17:

1.      Novatel E371, B17 700 / b4 AWS, approved f.e. by AT&T 2012.10

2.      Sierra Wireless AirPrime EM7700, b17 700 / b4 AWS, approved f.e. by AT&T 2012.10

3.      Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC7700, b17 700 / b4 AWS, approved f.e. by AT&T 2012.10

4.    Anydata DTP960S 4G LTE Wireless Module

5.    Option nv GTM801U 4G LTE Module

6.    Option nv GTM809U 4G LTE Module

7.    Huawei ME906V M2M 4G LTE Module

8.    Huawei ME909Tu-120 M2M 4G LTE Module

9.    Huawei ME909Tu-520 M2M 4G LTE Module

10.   Huawei ME936 M2M 4G LTE M.2 Module



4G LTE Tablets for Band 17:

1.      Apple iPad mini (GSM, b4/17), 2012.10