4G Surfstick/Internet Stick/Mobile Hotspot/Router for Croatia

You may want to enjoy the 4G LTE networks in Croatia, but if you are in trouble to choose the wireless terminals to access the 4G network in Croatia, below the guide may help you:

First, you need to know the 4G LTE operators and their LTE frequency bands in Croatia, per our information, the main 4G operators and LTE Frequency bands in Croatia is as below:


1.) T-Hrvatski Telekom, FDD Band 3/20 (800/2600 MHz)

2.) Vipnet, FDD Band 3/7/20 (800/1800/2600MHz)


The two operators support the same LTE Frequency band 3/7/20. Now you just find the 4G Surfstick, 4G internet stick, 4G Router or 4G mobile hotspot that can support the band 3/7/20 and you will make a great step to access internet. It’s better to support all the three bands in case you are in a location where only one or two bands available but your terminal can’t support. Per your reference, we recommend below the popular 4G terminals that would support the LTE Band 3/7/20 and work with the above operators:


4G Surfstick for T-Hrvatski Telekom and Vipnet

  1. Huawei E392u-12
  2. Huawei K5150 (Vodafone, unlocked )
  3. Huawei K5005 (Vodafone, Unlocked )
  4. HUAWEI E398u-15
  5. Huawei E3276 (E3276S-150, E3276S-151)
  6. Huawei K5007 (Vodafone )
  7. ZTE K5008Z(Vodafone, Unlocked)
  8. Alcatel One Touch L800
  9. Alcatel One Touch W800
  10. ZTE MF825
  11. ZTE MF820
  12. ZTE MF821D
  13. ZTE K5006Z (Vodafone, Unlocked )


4G Router for T-Hrvatski Telekom and Vipnet

  1. HUAWEI B593u-12
  2. HUAWEI B593s-22
  3. HUAWEI B890-75
  4. Vodafone B2000
  5. ZTE MF25D
  6. ZTE MF28B
  7. ZTE MF28D
  8. Netgear MVBR1517
  9.  ZyXEL LTE6100



4G Mobile Hotspot for T-Hrvatski Telekom and Vipnet

  1. HUAWEI E5776s-32/E5776S-22
  2. Huawei E589u-12
  3. Huawei R210 (Vodafone, Unlocked )
  4. ZTE MF91
  5. ZTE MF91D
  6. ZTE MF910
  7. ZTE MF90
  8. ZTE MF97S
  9. ZTE MF93E
  10. ZTE R212 (Vodafone, Unlocked)