Difference Between Netgear Aircard AC790s and AC782S

Netgear Aircard 4G mobile hotspots are one series of most popular 4G pocket routers. From the gain of Sierra Wireless, Netgear followed the appearance of the aircards but improved much on the functions and performance. In the aircard family, there are Aircard AC754S, AC770S, AC771S, AC779S, AC778S, AC762S, AC760S, AC763S for LTE Category 3. Now the LTE Category 4 mobile hotspot includes Netgear AC781S, AC782S, AC785S.

Netgear AC790S VS Aircard AC782s hotspot

What amazing is that the Netgear had presented the LTE Category 6 mobile hotspots to public. Many customers are already using the new LTE Cat6 router. The model number is Netgear Aircard 790s. If you had used the Aircard 782S, you may found the two 4G mobile hotspot looks very similar. It’s the first impression at a glance. They are both introduced by Australian network provider Telstra. The Netgear AC782S is also named Telstra 4G WiFi Advanced while the Aircard 790s is named Telstra 4G WiFi Advanced II. As two generation mobile 4G Router for Telstra, we will have a look at what’s the difference between the two models.

Telstra 4G WiFi Advanced & II compasion



Even though the Aircard 790s and 782s look similar, there are obvious model named printed on the device. The 4G Advanced is on the 782s and 4G Advanced II on the 790s. The Telstra logo is  at right top side. The body color of 782s is in grey. The body color of Netgear AC790s is darker than 782s, it’s in black color. The thickness of the two models are very similar to 15mm. On the front center, there are 2.4 inch QVGA capacitive LCD screen, where user can operate the settings and read information about the network status, providers, WiFi name and password, battery status etc.

The power buttons are at the top edge of the body. The USB port and two antenna connectors for external antenna are at the bottom edge. If one user is located at areas with poor signal, external antennas may be necessary to get better surfing experience. Both the AC782S and AC790s has removable battery. The AC782S has battery of 2500mAh while AC790S has battery of 2930mAh.


Technical Specifications


Based on Qualcomm Qualcomm MDM9225 & WTR1605L chipset, Aircard 782s could support 4G LTE Band 1/3/7/8 and the peak download speed up to 150mbps. The Aircard 790s is on Qualcomm MDM9230, it could support multiple LTE bands 1/3/7/8/28 with peak download speed to 300Mbps, which is double speed than Aircard 782s. They are both back compatible with qual-bands UMTS/WCDMA networks, and GSM/EDGE network is also supported.



As a 4G mobile router, Netgear 782s could support up to 10 wireless terminals simultaneously. The Aircard 790s is more powerful on this function, up to 15 wireless users could be connected at the same time. Aircard 790s supports WLAN 802.11 ac which is missed in 782S. But dual-band WiFi and 2 X 2 MIMO are both available on the two mobile routers. And they both use Micro SIM(3FF Format).

Telstra WiFi 4G Advanced II Aircard 790s battery



The two mobile hotspots could both be easily operated via the LCD screen. User could choose network mode, do the factory reset, update software by clicking the screen. If user want to do more settings, it can be done via web browser or via the Netgear management APP.

Telstra WiFi 4G Advanced II Aircard 790s



There is no doubt that the Aircard 790s is in higher price than 782s because AC79S is in higher specifications and better performance. For most users, the Netgear Aircard 782s is enough for common use on daily life, but if you want to surf in amazing speed, Netgear Aircard 790s would be better. But first of all, user must make sure the LTE category 6 carrier aggregation is already available at your location.


Netgear Aircard 782s Mobile Hotspot Review

Netgear Aircard 782s is not the first 4G mobile WiFi hotspot from Netgear. We had introduced the first generation 4G mobile hotspot Netgear Aircard 762s. Now the Netgear Ac782s comes with better and pure LTE technology. The AirCard 782S, also known as the Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced, so we can see the Telstra logo beside the screen. The AC782S is perfect for mobile lifestyles, surf and stream almost anywhere using the most efficient technology available. We get the Netgear 782s on hand and let’s have a look the features about this new 4G pocket router.

Netgear AC782S Appearance

The Netgear 782s thinner than the Aircard 762s and the craftsmanship is better. There is a 2.4 inch QVGA resistive LCD touchscreen, where use can see the parameters such as Network status, battery status, network providers, SSID and pwssword etc..On the back, the Netgear logo is there. On the top side, it’s the power button. On the below side, there are two connectors for external antenna. They are covered by two caps. Move the cap to side, we can see the connectors. The connector type is TS-9, if you want to buy external antenna for Netgear 782s, you can click here: http://www.4gltemall.com/4g-antenna-two-ts-9-connector.html

Beside the left antenna connector, it’s the slot for SIM card. Open the back cover, we can see the battery port for Netgear aircard 782s.  There is a stick showing the model number ” Netgear Aircard 782s” and the IMEI number. The Wi-Fi name, WiFi password and s/n are included. It’s a pity that we didn’t find the slot for SD card, we are afraid the Aircard AC782S can’t support SD card sharing.


Wireless Technology

As a second generation mobile hotspot, Netgear AC782S could support new the LTE category 4 technology which could achieve peak download speed to 150Mbps. Based on the Qualcomm MDM9225 & WTR1605L chipset, Netgear 782s could perform well for network connection. Up to 10 wireless terminals could connect to this network for surfing. The WiFi technology could support 802.11 b/g/n with 2 x 2 MIMO on dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Since Netgear 782s was first available for Telstra, it can support all the network frequency bands for Telstra: FDD  band 1/3/7/8 (900/ 1800/2100/2600 MHz). And UMTS and WCDMA networks are backword, with the DC-HSPA+ technology, the peak download speed could reach 42mbps on 3G network.


As the official sayings from Netgear, the battery capacity of Aircard 782s is 2500mAh, which could support up to 10 hours of active usage and up to 10 days of standby. The battery is removable, if you have a spare battery, you can change the battery when the power is off.


Now there is unlocked Netgear 782s available on www.4gltemall.com , you can use other network providers’ SIM cards from Europe and Aisa. It’s a good partner for business trip or tour.