LTE Devices

Modems, routers, surf sticks, smartphones, tablet PCs, and if necessary antennas, are these LTE devices already exist in the trade market.


The Offerings of LTE Operators


In Germany, Vodafone Currently has the largest selection of hardware, there are modem stick, router and antenna. Telecom and Telefonica have followed and also offer routers and sticks. Like most LTE operators abroad, the Germany mobile phone companies, such as German Telekom, Telefonica(O2) and Vodafone, also offer LTE data transmission technology for internet. Currently, Vodafone is the only vendor that has LTE and for Smartphone used in the program.


LTE devices: Looking beyond the borders


In Japan, USA and Scandinavia, LTE is established as a technology for the mobile Internet, especially in the urban areas and markets. Therefore, there is much offer for broader. There are a number of different LTE Surf sticks, to get many radio modems in map form, which you can plug into your laptop and 4G Smartphones. New Tablets with integrated LTE modem apply in the U.S. as the great future business. These are notebooks and notebooks come with built-in LTE Modems.


For almost all of these devices: LTE wireless technology dominates the next generation network, they can be used across the country, even in places where there is not yet LTE Radio network available.