Huawei E5377 4G Mobile Hotspot Review

At the beginning of the New Year, Huawei release many new models to the market, including USB sticks, mobile hotspots and wireless routers. We believe they have better performance than the predecessors to support the upgraded networks from providers. We get a new 4G LTE pocket WiFi Huawei E5377 in white color this week. If you had read our introduction, you may still remember the brother model Huawei E5372. Their names are similar and most of features are also same.


The E5377 has a 1.45inch LCD screen which is to show the important information when working. The network providers’ name, battery status, connected users, signal strength and used data will show in the screen. The huawei logo and power button are at the two sides of the screen. Like huawei E5372, E5377 has two external antenna connectors in case poor signal. The Huawei E5377 is also pocket sized and easy to take in hand outdoors or on trip.


On the top side, the Menu button is there for operation. At the below side, the two ports for external antenna are covered a cap. The back cover is removable and the battery is rechargeable and changeable. The MicroSD card can be used in the E5377, and user can share the files or documents in SD card to connected users. Up to 10 wireless devices could get connected with the E5377 hotspot. Aside from allowing up to 10 WiFi devices to connect to the AP, the E5377 can last up to 6 hours on a single full charge. The older models have between 4 to 5 hours so 6 hours on the new one is around 20-30% longer. Before sharing the contents in SD card, user has to setup to let them free to access. Unlike Netgear wireless aircard, users has to log in the admin panel via web browser or huawei mobile Wifi APP.

The attracting feature for Huawei E5377 is that it could fast connect in 5 seconds. It can support the peak download speed to 150Mbps and upload speed to 50mbps based on Qualcomm chipset MDM9625. Aside from the LTE capability, the WiFi AP supports dual band at 2.4GHz and 5GHz. User can choose between the usual 2.4GHz WiFi band or switch to the 5GHz band. The dual-band capability allows for less interference, faster wireless speeds, and more channels to choose from.

Actually, Huawei E5377 has a brother partner E5377T, with the “T”, E5377T has larger power capacity and is thicker than E5377. Some users may need longer working time, the E5377T can work much longer than no “T”. If you want to buy them, you can check .




Netgear Aircard AC790S 4G LTE Cat6 Mobile Hotspot

It seems the LTE category 4 UEs are now the mainstream in the market. More and more wireless routers, mobile hotspots or USB dongles are available to better support the upgraded networks from the operators. But we also see some new devices with new technology which is available for some providers. We had introduced two LTE Category 6 mobile hotspots last year: Huawei E5786 and ZTE flare. Today, we will intoduce a new LTE pocket WiFi router Netgear 790s.


The Netgear 790s also named aircard AC790s. It’s now available for Australian network provide Telstra. And it’s named Telstra 4G WiFi Advanced II which is upgraded from its predecessor Netgear AC782s. The Aircard 782s is a LTE Cat4 mobile WiFi which supports peak download speed to 150Mbps and upload speed to 50Mbps. The upgraded Aicard 790s could achieve double speed than AC782s, i.e 300Mbps for downstream. It’s amazing!


The appearance of AC790s looks similar to Aircard 782s but seems cooler. With more powerful battery, AC790s could work much longer time than its predecessor. Aircard 790s is decently sized, fitting into your palm. On the bottom, you can find two external antenna ports, a microUSB 3 port (though only a microUSB 2 cable is included in the box) – presumably to make the most out of tethering over USB. On top, there is a power button.


The front of Netgear AC790S is a touchscreen, with home and back capacitive buttons on the right side. User can operate the major features and the settings here and don’t need to open up the Aircard APP or the web based UE. User can see the connected devices quantity and change WiFi settings(enable dual band WiFi, block/unblock devices by MAC, turn on guest wifi, easily connect devices that support WPS). User can also enable the airplane mode, change network settings such as lock to 3G, 4G or Auto mode, view the network status, and see the data usage at a glance.


The back of Aircard 790s is equipped with a removable battery, with the micro-SIM slot hidden underneath. So before power on, you’ll need to pull the battery out to swap cards around. The “Telstra” logo is on the top left, with ‘WiFi Advanced’ also stamped on the front. The battery cover on the back has a subtle ‘Netgear’ logo included.

The Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced II is a excellent mobile hotspot for anyone who needs the internet while on the go; with support for to get the best out of 4G today, and ready for more 4G into the future.



Netgear Aircard AC785S 4G Mobile Hotspot Review

After acquisition of Sierra Wireless, Netgear has expanded the range of wireless products such as wireless aircards. Now many new products come available in Europe and Australia. Now we get the new mobile pocket router from Netgear, model number is Aircard 785s hotspot.

Netgear Aircard 785s Appearance

The Aircard 785s comes in a small box. With the AC785S, there is a battery with a capacity of 2000mAh and A USB cable for charging power with output of 1A at 5V. Both the front and the back are decorated with triangular elements. This feature not only looks good, but also raises it from other boring designed models from competitors.  On the back, there is only “Netgear” logo on it. At the bottom side, there are two external antenna connectors. They are TS-9 type and covered by small cap. Between the two antenna connectors, one micro USB interface is used for power charge. The battery for the Netgear AC785s is removable and the Micro SIM card is covered by battery. The stick at the side of SIM card slot lists the model number Aircard 785s, IMEI number and MAC ID for the AC785S.


The power button is on the top side of the body, and the microSD card slot is beside the power button. Once you have inserted the MicroSIM and its battery, and closed the door on the back, you can start the device using the power button on the top.  The color display on the front provides all the key information such as network operator, SSID and wifi code, battery status, data used and signal strength etc.

Aircard AC785S Technical Features

To setup the Aircard 785s, no other devices are required. All essential settings can be done directly on the display and the buttons on the top side. Up to 15 devices can be simultaneously connected via Wi-Fi with the AC785s. The wireless password is displayed on the screen. If you want to make additional settings on the device or want to see information, Netgear has developed a very good app for Android and iOS; almost all possible settings can be made with the APP. You can also access to the router via a web interface in the PC browser.


Netgear AC785S could support LTE, UMTS and GSM networks. With the LTE Category 4 technology, Aircard 785s could reach peak download speed to 150Mbps and upload speed to 50mbps. It can work well on the LTE-FDD Frequency bands around 800/850/900/1800/2100/2600MHz and TD-LTE band 2600MHz. This feature makes the AC785S could roam all over the world, but it’s not suitable for North America. On the UMTS network, the data speed could reach up to 42Mbps and upload speed to 5.76Mbps.


Netgear AC785S External Antenna

If you want the Netgear 785s works better in rural areas with weak signal, the external antenna may be necessary. You need buy 4G Antenna with two Ts-9 connectors. The antenna is now available on . The antenna could support MIMO technology which improves the data transfer rates.