ZTE MF91 4G LTE Pocket WiFi Hotspot Test Report

The company ZTE from China has extensive experience in the manufacturing mobile phones; this fact has a positive impact on the shape and ergonomics of the mini router. Since the mobile device and should always be at hand, the shape and size of a mini router should allow to carry in any pocket or bag. Here we get the 4G LTE Mini Router ZTE MF91 Pocket WiFi Router. Let us have a look at this smart 4G LTE Router and how it works.



When we open the box, we can find these content are included in the package: ZTE MF91, power charger and USB Cable. The router is a standard rectangular box with rounded corners. On the front is a small screen and a single button switch. The user manual is also included.



To prepare the router to work, you must first insert a SIM-card. Open the back cover, take out the battery. Here we see at once the place for SIM-card, at which point you have to be careful. And put the card in a special tray to move it forward.


After the SIM card in the slot, put the battery in. Before you close the back cover of the machine, you must remember to write down the password for the Wi-Fi connection, it is printed on the back cover. Then just press the round button, wait a few seconds and the device is ready for use. This is what we signals appeared on the screen legend – ALTEL 4G.



Just want to say a few words on the screen, despite its small size (1.44 inches), it is quite informative in addition to network status and signal strength (by the way it’s showing with a symbol and the number of sticks like a conventional phone), the screen displays the status of Wi-Fi, the number of connected devices, and battery level.


In the center of the screen, we see the total time of using 4G data, as well as the total amount of data received/transmitted during this session. The device screen is quite bright, the information could be read, even in direct sunlight.



After switching on the router you just need to enter the password and connect it via Wi-Fi from your tablet, Smartphone or laptop. The manufacturer claims the simultaneous connection of 10 different WiFi devices.


The router is equipped with a powerful battery capacity of 2300 mAh, it is quite enough for me on day of use without switching off, and the network I was using for three hours, the rest of the time in standby mode. A full battery charge is approximately 2.5 hours.



The stated range of the router Wi-Fi signal could be distributed to 10-15 meters, my experience of operating in principle confirms these figures, and in a normal urban 2-room apartment, signal was available at any point. On the street, the range is from 8 m to 16 m, depending on the availability of natural environment.


In my opinion, the ZTE MF91 4G LTE Mobile router is very practical and convenient solution for wireless Internet in the format of 4G. Ergonomic shape, small size and relatively low weight (110 g) fully permit to carry with users. It could be easily fit into any pocket, bag or purse. If you want unlocked without any contract, welcome to buy from www.4gltemall.com .

Difference between Samsung GT-B3740 and GT-B3730

Samsung is always leading the trend of networking development. As the partner model of Samsung GT-B3740, the 4G LTE Surfstick Samsung GT-B3730 is not as popular as GT-B3740. Samsung GT-B3730 4G Modem is the company’s first USB-based internet stick from TeliaSonera that offers 4G networks connectivity as well as a backup plan.




Samsung GT-B3740 could support maximum download speed up to 100Mbps download speed and 50mbps upload speed. Samsung GT-B3730 could also do that, the difference between them is Samsung GT-B3740 could work only on 4G LTE FDD 800MHz while Samsung GT-B3730 could only work on 4G LTE FDD 2600MHz. So Samsung GT-B3740 could only work specific areas in Europe, because not all the countries in Europe deployed the band 800MHz. And GT-B3730 is also the same; it has to work conditionally on only LTE FDD 2600MHz.




Samsung GT-B3730 seems more powerful in application because it could not only work with 4G network, it could also work on 3G UMTS 2100MHz and 2G GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks. So if there is unlocked Samsung GT-B3730, users could use in every countries in Europe. Under 3G network, Samsung GT-B3730 could support maximum download speed up to 17Mbps and upload speed up to 5.76Mbps.



Samsung GT-B3740 and GT-B3730 both have dual external antenna connector, with external antenna, users could get more stable network connection and better signal strength, but we didn’t get any official information for the connector type.


Samsung GT-B3740 is in compact USB design but GT-B3730 is in rotatable USB design. GT-B3740 is used for Vodafone 4G LTE networks in Germany, but GT-B3730 is for Sweden operator TeliaSonera. TeliaSonera has nationwide 4G licenses in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. So if you don’t have specific requirement, Samsung GT-3730 is good for personal use.