4G LTE Antenna – Improve 4G Reception

Each 4G hardware has a built-in LTE antenna. However, the internal and rather small LTE antennas in the end devices do not always offer sufficient LTE reception. Especially if you live in the countryside far away from a 4G transmission tower, the surfing speeds with LTE are often below the promised transmission rates of the network operator. There are little tricks on how to improve the LTE reception.


So you should place your LTE router as close to the window and on a higher floor. An LTE speed test can help find the ideal location for the hardware by constantly checking the transmission rates. If you do not find an ideal place for your 4G router even after several speed checks, you may need an LTE antenna. And then you can improve the 4G reception for your 4G devices.

 18 dBi High Gain Panel Flat 4G Outdoor LTE Antenna for 4G Router/Dongle/Mobile Hotspot

Can an LTE antenna noticeably improve 4G reception?


Meanwhile, there is sufficient experience of LTE users in the countryside, which clearly show: An LTE antenna can significantly improve the 4G reception. With an outdoor antenna, you can increase your 4G reception by 30 to 40 percent. Often, after connecting the outdoor antenna, the 4G router will display two or more signal bars than before.



4G Antenna Types


There are now a variety of different LTE antennas in the market. According to the application location, the LTE antenna can be divided into the indoor antenna and outdoor antenna. According to the function, the LTE directional antenna leads to a significant improvement in the reception of 4G. This antenna can be aligned by simply turning on a mast. Less effective, however, is the Omni-directional LTE antenna, which is useful if you already have a good LTE reception and want to increase the signal strength even further.

 4G High Gain LTE Panel Flat Outdoor Antenna


If you are looking for a particularly space-saving LTE antenna on your house, you should opt for a panel or biquad antenna. Both types of outdoor antennas can significantly improve LTE reception. If you want to increase your LTE reception on the way, you should use an LTE clamp antenna. This 4G antenna can be easily attached to the laptop or in the vicinity, which usually gives you a better reception.


28dBi High Gain 4G Outdoor Yagi Directional Antenna


LTE Antenna Prices


The prices for an LTE antenna are depending on the type between 30 to 300 US dollars. When buying a 4G antenna, make sure it supports the right LTE frequencies. If you use 4G on land with a maximum of 50 Mbit/s, you need an outdoor antenna with 800 MHz. You should definitely opt for an LTE antenna, which is suitable for your own 4G router. Corresponding information can usually be found in the product description.

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